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sâmbătă, 22 august 2015


WEIGHT: 156.5 kilograms

Well I still lost half a kilo after being naughty last night! Not that naughty actually, but still... So I am really pleased today!

Just got back to the house after finishing my 50 minutes morning walk. Was a really painful night as the fiesta went on 'till around four o'clock this morning. In fact there were crowd leftovers even while I was going round Las galletas. Few and scatered...

Yesterday morning was a full day around the house, doing things... Of course I locked myself out of the house again. This happens every two or three weeks so that is no surprise...

After the practice in church I went to the gym. Was surprised to find out that if I want to burn the fat it is actually better to workout in the morning. Working out in the afternoon is more recommended for the muscular bulking and since I am not at that point (yet) it is wise to do things in the morning.

The monitor was on my case yesterday. I went there pretty late, around 7:00 PM and I was quite tired so at first the things were not going good... Then he decided to help me out with the training by raising his voice to the "SHOUT" mode... Also helped me out with doing more weight on the last round. I think this was the best gym session so far. Let all the steam out...

I did not really want to go home after the gym as I knew that there will be noise and lots of loud people around the house and beneath my windows so I decided to surprise some friends with a visit... Eventually I had to go home and face all the things.

At half past two in the morning I was still very much awake, the music was loud... And the hunger stroke... Had only vegetables and a couple of apples yesterday and was really looking forward to another kilogram loss, but the hunger took over so I went out and bought some "carne fiesta"... Fieasta meat.

But the naughty part is that I had some bread in the takeaway pack. I know it was not much but o shouldn't have done it. I did and I will probably face the consequence. The scale is merciless. And it tells the truth.

As I slept only two and a half hours I am already tired... But I have a long day ahead of me. I will try and get some rest in the afternoon after all the things are done. Hope that today I am going to find some strings for Snowhite as yesterday that was not possible...

Saturday. Have a nice weekend everybody!

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