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sâmbătă, 8 august 2015



A red tear
Stained by a broken heart
Has seeped
Without anyone to see ...
Another sky was extinguished
There are no more stars...
And hope is shivering,
Frail and barren...

I am still mortal...
And though you see
Or hear me,
I am not here...
I surrendered to a flower.
So I am away...
Shackled by longing...

And if this is not love
Then how does love look like?
I wonder...
From evening till dawn,
When yet another sky is estinguished
And there are no stars,
While another red tear,
Without anyone to see,
Trickles down to the floor...


O lacrima rosie
Patata de inima zdrobita
S-a prelins
Fara ca nimeni sa o vada...
Un cer s-a mai stins
Iar stele nu-s
Speranta tremura
Firava si stearpa...

Sunt tot muritor
Si chiar de ma vezi
Sau ma auzi
Eu nu sunt aici
M-am predat unei flori.
Am plecat...
De bunavoie.
Incatusat de un dor...

Si daca nu e dragoste
Atunci cum arata chipul ei?
Ma intreb...
Din seara si pana in zori
Cand un cer se mai stinge
Si stele nu-s
Iar o lacrima rosie
Din nou,
Spre podea se prelinge...

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