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vineri, 25 septembrie 2015


Weight: 148.2 kilograms

Wow!!! I can't believe that I had pizza and beer yesterday but I still have lost some weight. This is so not me! This is weird!!! I am so happy! Really I am. There is an explanation though. After I had the pizza I had nothing but fruits and dry fruits so... Oh! And I did not have anything to eat late at night! That must have done the job... I'll say it again: I AM HAPPYYYYY!!! Thought I was going backwards, but God is good all the time and all the time God is good!

Forgive me Father for I have sinned! Again! I had a cheat day yesterday and had a pizza. So I am afraid to get the scale readings today. Apart from the pizza there was the beer. And I don't do beer usually! I guess I was just bored. This heat is killing my mood. Actually not the heat. The humidity. There was 88%!!! How is that even possible?!!

The filthy unhealthy feeling of being full it after having the pizza is not really something I want to remember. So on my next cheat day I will try and have something else. I actually know when my next cheat day is going to be, as my family is coming over to visit and I will have to go and visit what used to be my favourite place up until not so long ago... 

My back is killing me ever since the weight loss has become noticeable... Especially when playing the guitar. So I became slightly worried about that. It was funny what the doctor's answer was... Basically it was something about my bone structure rearranging... That's funny. I am a living puzzle. Oh well... I already knew that...

Have not restarted the gym. In this kind of heat I am really not up to it. Have to go back though. Hopefully by Monday everything will be back to normal. Back to normal... Another funny thing... Just a few months ago normal meant something completely different...

Need to get rid of the days off. Maybe keep one. They are getting boring in spite of the fact that I try to keep myself busy. Or maybe it is just me being here to long without going anywhere else... That is about to change to as I am soon to be on holidays. That should be fun. Hometown always is.

So I'll make the best of this day and so should you. Stay cool. God bless!

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