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miercuri, 30 septembrie 2015


Weight: 146.8 Kilograms

Was pretty cheeky yesterday... First I had a burger and chips in the morning. As for lunch time I introduced some friend to my Nemesis: El Cordero. Or The Lamb if translated... Yeap! I was very cheeky. So the gain in weight is no surprise... If anything, the surprise that the gain is not bigger...

I guess I am not that stressed out anymore. I started being a bit relaxed. Meaning that every now and then I allow myself a slip. I have stopped the gym for the moment. Have some reasons for that but I feel very uncomfortable with that decision so I will be back starting tomorrow... How unbelieavable is for me to miss the workout at the gym... Something must be wrong with me!

So I had a great day yesterday. Had breakfast by the sea in Las Galletas. Pink Parrot is the name of the venue... And when I would go there I would always have a burger and chips. But they also saw me doing my morning walks and they know about my diet. So when I walked in after so many months of absence it was very funny to hear a business owner saying: "Hey! What are you doing here? Keep walking!"... I don't I will here that one again anytime soon...

Then I took some friends to El Cordero. I got the most kind words for that. Hope I am not rude and I did not ask for permission to post the private message on the blog and I hope that I will be forgiven for doing just that... The message goes like:

"Thank you Chris for being the perfect host and introducing us to the Restaurante  El Cordero  The food was impeccable. You so graciously called for us and returned us to our apartment with a final rendition of Elvis. Perfect x"

To me that kind of message is heart warming. A reward in itself. It shows that if you love people they will love you right back, no matter what your flaws are and it is a proof that being nice does not have any costs attached but it can bring you a lot of unexpected joy...

Did not do my morning wall today. Was to tired. Then my schedule went a bit tight. Had lunch with yet another friend and I had the opportunity to talk to him about Jesus and God's love for all of us. Yo my surprise he was really paying attention and he had more than a few questions... So this has been a good day too already.

Soon I will start preparing myself for the gig at the Charly Bar. Looking forward to finish the day in the company of beautiful people! So cheers everyone and may all God's blessings be upon us all! Be wise. Stay cool. Ciao!

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