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duminică, 20 septembrie 2015


Weight: the usual Sunday mistery

I can't remember if I did three or four rounds of Las Galletas this morning. Went to bed at 2:00 AM and woke up at 6:00 AM. Obviously when I went out the door I was still asleep... It can remember three but the clock told me I did more than that... Oh well... No worries...

We learn about our bodies something new every day. just a couple of days ago I have learned that antibiotics can make you weak and dizzy and that when taking some even driving is not recommended... Sometimes the information we are getting is nesting somewhere in our heads and starts amplifying the usual effects. And this is what is happening to me. I am more aware that the medicine I am taking (avoiding the word drugs) is having it's side effects...

Had a good night last night at the Charlty Bar. A couple of surprises too!. It is always nice to see old friends showing up out of the blue after more than a year or so... And there was also something like fifteen or twenty guys from Romania. Students. Don't know if they were on holidays or for some exchange program as I did not have much time to chat with them...

Sunday morning! Dedicated to Christ! Always. Looking forward to yet another beautiful day! And who knows... Maybe I shall see some of you in Costa del Silencio Church. Because God is good all the time! And all the time God is good! Have a blessed day! Stay cool! Ciao!

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