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vineri, 18 septembrie 2015


Weight: 149.8 kilograms

Finally I am there. Gone under 150 kilos. Can't be as happy as I was a few days ago when i had the false alarm but am really pleased. There is progress!!! And I have learned something new. Again. Antibiotics have side effects that will affect your energy. Was wondering why I was lacking energy at the gym... Oh well.. We learn something every day!

Woke up earlier than 6:30 this morning. Definitely becoming a morning person. So morning walk is finished. So I went on the Internet to write those things. And of course, to check my Facebook. As usual somebody is already annoying me with silly stuff.

I will never understand the nerve of some. How can anybody argue on matters they have never took the time to study it will always be a mystery to me... Of course, I am talking about the Bible. but it is the same thing as arguing with your doctor about what medicine you have to take, the results of your test or what tools to use when doing surgery on you...

Sometimes it makes me sad... Sometimes I choose to ignore... Sometimes it makes me angry. But I still have to carry on and tell people about my experience with God. In spite of the fact that most of them try to overlook my life experience and my testimony so they could be right. I would like those to be in the jury if on trial. Or the judge!

I have still not weighed myself but I have this feeling that the 150 kilograms barrier is going down today. The later edit will show however if that is true. It should be. I was only 100 grams above 150 yesterday so...

So my meals yesterday... Three german wurst, 3 nectarines, smoked salmon and salad, 2 boiled eggs and some tofu cheese. I think that sums it all up. Off to do my things for the day... Started finding out that I am getting bored on my days off. That means only one thing...

Have a nice day! Stay cool and rock on! God bless!

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