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miercuri, 16 septembrie 2015


Weight: 151.4 kilograms

What a disappointment... It appears that the scale at the gym is faulty. I usually weigh myself at the pharmacy but it is closed two weeks for holidays. Yesterday weighed bmyself at the gym. Today at another pharmacy... A bit confused because the height is not the proper one with the scale I used today... So disappointed and confused... But chins up! Work is going to pay off eventually. And patience is a virtue!

At least I had a good day off yesterday. Did all the things I wanted to in the way I wanted to do them. The weather created a bit of discomfort but I won't even mention that. Was so overwhelmed when the scale pointed out that I have broken the 150 kilograms barrier! I could have hugged everyone on the street. I actually shouted "Yesssss!" when I weighed myself at the gyn yesterday! And all the people started smiling, saying "Well done!", "Good for you!"... Nice to have that sort of support... Good incentive!

I know I always say I am a relaxed brain. Not to say that I am a liar but it is not quite true. In fact I sometimes wish I had a switch so I could get some rest sometimes. Sure things for many others I seem off or to be away... Or daydreaming... True. It so seems...

I think the dogs have much better instincts than us humans when it comes to character judging. Children have the same ability. Most of the time we place our loyalties and our affections according to some petty interests rather than in a natural way...  Somewhere between childhood and maturity we lose that ability...

Fun. There's a good word. People seem to have a lot of fun around me lately. But that happens just if and when I feel comfortable around them or my mind is not occupied with other things. The state of comfort can change in a fraction of a second. Might be a word or just a gesture and it disappears. It is just because experience has made me rich and I know that when there is an alarm sign I'd better be cautious...

I like it when people surprise me in a nice way. For instance I had this Bible quote posted yesterday. And I knew that somebody needed those words. Was a total surprise when I found out who! When the least expected happens you know that God is at work. Not really a surprise that one. This is just another piece of evidence to support that statement.

So the morning walk is done, as I woke up yet again at 6:30 AM. I must say that when they are washing the streets in the morning it is really not fun. Slippery when wet? Not my thing... Hmmm... Slippery When Wet"! Great album. Bon Jovi. Highschool days. THE days. Just remembered how much I like a Bon Jovi tune: "Raise Your Hands". Richie Sambora plays that guitar and squeezes all the possible sounds out of it...

Another day is on it's way I am looking forward to have some fun with awesome people. Will be going at the gym and have the gear set up in Charly Bar where I will be playing tonight. Ya'll stay cool now. God bless!

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