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joi, 8 octombrie 2015


Weight: ? kilograms

This is definitely the year of trials for me. As I am writing this I have still not weighed myself yet but I feel and think that I have lost some more. If so I have won an important battle, because I have been visiting my favourite restaurant every single day over the last three days... I used to call "El Cordero" my Nemesis, but if today the scale will go lower it would be proof that I have upgraded to yet another self control level...

So my family is here and I am having a lovely time. Went to the beach, but we could not take a dip in the ocean. The red flags were out. That was a bit boring but the rest of the day went amazing! The end of the day found us at the at the Charly Bar and we had a great time! Strange enough, my older niece, Cristina, she never heard me singing in public before, whilst the youngest already did! I think that is a bit funny, but that is all my fault...

Not much left to say... I will be in a hurry this month because of the things that I have to do. Will still write my blog so I would keep you guys updated. A beautiful day is waiting a head for all of us, so enjoy! God bless!

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