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miercuri, 7 octombrie 2015


Weight: 147,3 kilograms

My sister and her family are here. Including my favourite monster, my younger niece Antonia. The "Peacemaker". Obviously my schedule has changed but I won't make any excuses. On Monday I missed my morning walk. The plan for the day has changed so we went to El Cordero for lunch as my sister is a fan too. Only thing is she does not need to lose any weight. She never did.

To me El Cordero is like a Nemesis... So going out Monday for lunch and Tuesday for dinner is not really the best thing for me... I got told off last night for going a bit over the top but after having only the scrambled eggs for breakfast and then only fruit and water for the rest of the day, I was obviously like the pig in the corn by dinner time...

Above you have the damage... I weighed myself today. From the dieting point of view the scale readings are directly linked to the alarm system... Had a great time though at El Cordero last night. What can be better than having family and friends together? It actually felt more like a big family reunion...

Today is another day and back to the future is the word of it. Let's see what it brings. I know it will be awesome. We thank you Lord for all the blessings! Bless you reader! Have a great day everyone and stay cool!

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