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sâmbătă, 3 octombrie 2015


Weight: 146.5 kilograms

Wow! 299 days. Changing the dial means a lot! I am still on it after all this time. And I started the blog long time after I started the diet so... WOOOOW!

As anyone can see, being very strict and disciplined seems to be the only way to keep the kilograms falling off. There is no way around it. Every time I tried to slip from the path there were onloy delays. Delays only. And the regrets over the wasted time. So if you consider doing this diet take this in consideration...

Am reporting from the Charly Bar right now. All gear in place, set-up for tonight. Had a great day yesterday as I got to meet the 4 day old James McCarthy. What a miracle a baby is! I was thinking about what an amazing idea our Creator had when he designed us... And I was thinking that I was as small as any newborn is. And as innocent. And then I started growing up...

Tomorrow will be no weighin'. And no blogging. From now on Sundays will be quiet. I will still do the things that I am supposed to. But I will just report them on Monday. For all of you reading this and being in the South of Tenerife, I would like to invite you to church tomorrow. An amazing testimony coming up! Davey Falcus. From gangland to ministry... A powerful testimony in all senses. God bless! Have a nice weekend everyone!

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