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sâmbătă, 28 noiembrie 2015


Weight: 137.5

Going up and down the scale. This time, although I went up I am happy. I thought it was much worse as yesterday I did not only one but two terrible things in an attepmt to cheer myself up.

So first I went for lunch in "El Cordero". The pretext for that was taking out a Christian family that just got here. So I thought that I would make a bit of a warm welcome which in fact was just another excuse for treating myself with some goodies...

I had already planned in my heart to go to Santa Cruz for shopping. Never had in mind that is what they call "Black Friday". Thinking about it this morning, as I was walking back home from the pharmacy I realized that somehow, someone is trying to pervert all the traces of Christianity.

Jesus Christ's birthday was transformed from "Merry Christmas" to "Happy Holidays", "Feliz Fiestas"... The Friday Jesus was crucified, is now becoming a regular "Black Friday" where people are supposed to shop heavily...

And by the way. I did not buy anything. The prices on the tags were higher than usually and I felt that my intelligence was being insulted so I just dropped the idea of shopping anything after visiting my favourite shop over the last couple of years: C&A. And believe me. I know the prices over there.

At least somebody had fun. I took along with me a friend and her daughter. I knew they would have fun and I did not want to drive all alone in the car. So seeing them having fun, as girls usually do when they go shopping, cheered me up a bit after thinking to much again...

Even the Chinese waitress, a young girl, surprised me... I don't what my face looked like while we were having dinner at the WOK next to Primark (Ooops! I did it again! To my ashame... ) but she just said "You look very pensive"... I mumbled something out of surprise... And I was thinking that I might not be the best travel companion for my friend but looking at them I realised that there was to much fun involved for them to notice...

So there you go. Did two naughty things in just one day. It is time for the command "Down boy". So that is what I will do. Have a blessed weekend everyone! Stay cool and rock on! Ciao for now!

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