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luni, 9 noiembrie 2015


Weight: 140.2 kilograms

Hey! it's been more than 100 days! Actually 103!!! Wow! So I am back on the rock and I am looking to brake yet another barrier which will probably be happening tomorrow. I am still on "holiday mode" I guess. Good thing is I have not put any weight on as people usually do when on vacation but obviously the process was slowed down during this time...

I guess it was nice taking a break from the morning walks and the gym, and being a bit more relaxed food wise. Still i find no excuses now, looking back... I should have been under 140 kilos a couple of weeks ago...

Oh well... Starting tomorrow is back to the future baby: the alarm clock is set for 6:30 every morning from Monday to Saturday and for 6:00 o'clock on Sundays... Gym starts toimorrow again, and i know that Iván Gym El Templo will be telling me off for the wasted time.

I promised myself to work harder at the gym, and to buy a bicycle as soon as possible... I love that and I enjoyed taking my brother's in law bike for a spin so am looking forward to it!

I am back and the challenge is still on! I am fresh so watch me roll! Ciao God bless!

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