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miercuri, 14 octombrie 2015


Weight: 145.3 kilograms

For a few days everything will be back to the same routine. After that will be on holidays. Or maybe not. That might have to wait a bit longer. But while a man makes plans in his heart it is the Lord who is guiding the steps.

It is always good to have a plan. It will give you a direction. It will take out a lot of stress and you will be wasting a lot less time in achieving goals. But a plan is NEVER a fixed thing. In fact a plan will always need adjustments. Simply because things change. They always do.

Apart from that, my experience has taught me to expect the unexpected. To be prepared for that at all times. Still, I don't like the change. Well, I thought I did not like changes... And that has changed! So did the plans of course.

Actually there is the main plan which is a sum of other plans. Some of them might work. Some of them might not. But they will always lead you to the final goal. Therefore I focus on the final goal. I keep my eyes on the prize.

A funny feeling started developing lately and it is growing. A new plan. God has surprised me many times. Big time. Coming to this island was definitely one of them. And me dieting in this way was yet another one. Seeing the results and getting the feed back from so many can only make me happy.

True, during the time my family was here I did not do my morning walks and I went a bit crazy with the food. But that did not kill the results. Just slowed them down a bit. Am still going strong. Apart from that everything is so much easier to do now. Am used to my new life style and I know that because when ever I break the rules I feel totally uncomfortable.

I have been told that many people are following the blog now and started dieting which is another incentive. It is good to know that I can help others. But, as I stated so many times, I am not an expert on the matter. And we are all different. Things that might be working for me won't work for you. You just have to find the things that make you click and the results will be there.

My click was weighing myself every day. That does not generally work but I know that I am a person who does not react in the usual behavioural patterns. Strange thing is that I am easier to handle because of that. One just need to pay attention to a few details. But I won't give them away. Everything is supposed to come in a natural way. So have a blessed day everyone and stay cool!

joi, 8 octombrie 2015


Weight: ? kilograms

This is definitely the year of trials for me. As I am writing this I have still not weighed myself yet but I feel and think that I have lost some more. If so I have won an important battle, because I have been visiting my favourite restaurant every single day over the last three days... I used to call "El Cordero" my Nemesis, but if today the scale will go lower it would be proof that I have upgraded to yet another self control level...

So my family is here and I am having a lovely time. Went to the beach, but we could not take a dip in the ocean. The red flags were out. That was a bit boring but the rest of the day went amazing! The end of the day found us at the at the Charly Bar and we had a great time! Strange enough, my older niece, Cristina, she never heard me singing in public before, whilst the youngest already did! I think that is a bit funny, but that is all my fault...

Not much left to say... I will be in a hurry this month because of the things that I have to do. Will still write my blog so I would keep you guys updated. A beautiful day is waiting a head for all of us, so enjoy! God bless!

miercuri, 7 octombrie 2015


Weight: 147,3 kilograms

My sister and her family are here. Including my favourite monster, my younger niece Antonia. The "Peacemaker". Obviously my schedule has changed but I won't make any excuses. On Monday I missed my morning walk. The plan for the day has changed so we went to El Cordero for lunch as my sister is a fan too. Only thing is she does not need to lose any weight. She never did.

To me El Cordero is like a Nemesis... So going out Monday for lunch and Tuesday for dinner is not really the best thing for me... I got told off last night for going a bit over the top but after having only the scrambled eggs for breakfast and then only fruit and water for the rest of the day, I was obviously like the pig in the corn by dinner time...

Above you have the damage... I weighed myself today. From the dieting point of view the scale readings are directly linked to the alarm system... Had a great time though at El Cordero last night. What can be better than having family and friends together? It actually felt more like a big family reunion...

Today is another day and back to the future is the word of it. Let's see what it brings. I know it will be awesome. We thank you Lord for all the blessings! Bless you reader! Have a great day everyone and stay cool!

sâmbătă, 3 octombrie 2015


Weight: 146.5 kilograms

Wow! 299 days. Changing the dial means a lot! I am still on it after all this time. And I started the blog long time after I started the diet so... WOOOOW!

As anyone can see, being very strict and disciplined seems to be the only way to keep the kilograms falling off. There is no way around it. Every time I tried to slip from the path there were onloy delays. Delays only. And the regrets over the wasted time. So if you consider doing this diet take this in consideration...

Am reporting from the Charly Bar right now. All gear in place, set-up for tonight. Had a great day yesterday as I got to meet the 4 day old James McCarthy. What a miracle a baby is! I was thinking about what an amazing idea our Creator had when he designed us... And I was thinking that I was as small as any newborn is. And as innocent. And then I started growing up...

Tomorrow will be no weighin'. And no blogging. From now on Sundays will be quiet. I will still do the things that I am supposed to. But I will just report them on Monday. For all of you reading this and being in the South of Tenerife, I would like to invite you to church tomorrow. An amazing testimony coming up! Davey Falcus. From gangland to ministry... A powerful testimony in all senses. God bless! Have a nice weekend everyone!

vineri, 2 octombrie 2015


Weight: 147.3 kilograms

Spent most of my day in bed yesterday as I was not feeling all that well... Don't know why really. Must have been the fact that I am not used to eating what I had the previous days... Everything ok now I guess. But there was no gym as planned. I woke up at 6:30 and did my morning walk. Boring routine now. Need to spice up the workout a bit.

Spent most of my day in bed yesterday as I was not feeling all that well... Don't know why really. Must have been the fact that I am not used to eating what I had the previous days... Everything ok now I guess. But there was no gym as planned. I woke up at 6:30 and did my morning walk. Boring routine now. Need to spice up the workout a bit.

Almost behaved with the food. I say this because I had a late snack. That is not what you're supposed to do but it was not food that I am not allowed to have so that is not as bad as it sounds. I was actually expecting a weight loss today but it did not happen so enough is enough! I am feeling a bit tired and a bit bored. This is dangerous so I have to keep the alarm and the guard on maximum levels!

My days off are getting boring also. I need to find more things to do. One more night to play would be awesome I think. But for the time being the routine is a killer. I never liked routine. That is why I was never happy working from nine to five I guess. Always provided good results in my jobs but it's just not me.

Thing is, when I commit to something I really commit. Even if I don't like it from the start. I sometimes do it just to make others happy, expecting them to reach the same conclusions after a while... Sooner would be better rather than later... But my face can't lie. And at some point, it'll make that clear. Very clear. Especially when reaching the conclusions is being delayed beyond logic, reason and common sense. 

As I always say, I was never famous for being a diplomat. Being kind and loving does not mean that you can't express yourself when your trying to make a point for the mutual benefit. We love our children but we do need to tell them off at times don't we? Actually for me it is exhausting to have to think of all the things I have to say when I see something that I don't agree with, just so that some individuals feel more comfortable when they should not, especially when it is all down to basic logic and common sense. 

Over the last years I found this words to be true: the intelligence level on Earth is a constant figure but the population is growing... So I think I am becoming a bit more compassionate. More understanding. I say what I think a few times. In a nice way. Nice at first. And when I see that not even being a bit more harsh does not have any effects I just turn myself into a spectator. 

Wisdom? Common sense? Logic? All optional stuff for the vast majority today. The emotional has grown and malformed in such a way that is suffocating the rational. And at some point you realise you don't have time to waste in explanations given to those who don't want to listen. Simply because you will be missing doing your stuff... And being stuck is not what the Lord instructed us to do. In fact Jesus taught the apostles to shake the dust of their feet and walk away from those who don't want to listen...

Fake. Plastic. Facade. That is what it is all about in those days. And even when you are opened and honest about everything, just because there's so much fake, plastic and facade in their lives and around them people will be thinking that there is always something that you are trying to hide. Me? I think it takes a powerful person to tell the truth in all honesty these days. That is why I may be many things, but never a fake!

Oh! I have flaws! Plenty of them. But I am work in progress. I am much better than I used to be when I met Jesus and I am certain that if I will keep my eyes on the prize I will be upgrading every day. I learn something new all the time as I am paying attention. Now that is what keeps me going even when the going gets tough.

Ok. So I have strayed a lot. What can I say? I love clearing my thoughts in the morning... Just remembered those words below from the Bible and they put a smile on my face cause I feel so unwise now... And then I think of all those writing books... 

"The one who has knowledge uses words with restraint, and whoever has understanding is even-tempered. Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues." 

(Proverbs 17:27-28)

Stay cool everyone! God bless!

joi, 1 octombrie 2015


Weight: 147.2  kilograms

 ALARM! Only two days of being careless and this is what happens! The scale was becoming my best friend but as everyone can see has no mercy. I was so upset with myself. Lost two valuable days. And I knew exactly what I was doing! There is no excuse. I totally deserve what I got.

So everything is going back on track starting today! Decided to go back at the gym. I was kind of like in between paying a full month but not being able to go or just pay and do as much as I can since soon enough my family will be here and then I will be going on holidays but going to the gym is a different part of the plan and I can not miss it.

When on holidays I will be going at this amazing gym in my neighbourhood. I took the pictures above and below last year in January. Looks a bit science-fiction but that-s how we roll back home baby!

Yesterday I have almost behaved food wise. Had an English breakfast but I did the toasted bread too. For lunch had a three course with cream mushroom soup, sirloin steak with fried onions and some white chocolate cake. That was before one o'clock. After that I totally behaved. Had just fruit in the afternoon and then, when I got back home after the gig I had some watermelon.

I have learned a few important things about my body. Weighing myself everyday was a good idea. Not only that it works for me but also gave me an idea about what is happening when I do different things. So I am not surprised anymore with the results of the scale. In fact I expect them. 

For some reason, although I slept longer yesterday morning, I was tired through the whole day. Or maybe it is exactly because I woke up late and I did not do my morning walk that I lacked energy...

Anyway, today I woke up yet again at 6:30, did my morning walk and am preparing myself for the scale and then I will be off to the gym. So basically I will enjoy the day. My advice to you is to do the same. no matter what. Stay cool everyone and God bless!