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vineri, 18 decembrie 2015


Weight: 136.0 kilograms

My goal is to be under 130 kilograms by the end of the year. But I put everything in danger with the peanut butter. Ha! A birthday treat I guess... Along with "El Cordero" of course. Over the last ten days went there twice!

Had a nice and quiet birthday. Love all the presents and the cards I got! Was really a nice day. Did not plan any party and I just tried to pretend that it was an ordinary day... Did not quite succeed in hiding though... And what is with that Facebook fuss anyway?!!

I deactivated the Facebook for a day. Again. And people went crazy. "Have you blocked me?"... Makes me laugh. Chill guys. A day without Facebook does not mean I love you less. Just wanted a change that is all.

Christmas is around the corner. Planning a road trip to my favourite place on the rock for the day. The views on the road to Taganana are absolutely breath taking! And a day spent like that will be absolutely awesome!

Stay healthy everyone! God bless! Ciao for now!

marți, 15 decembrie 2015


Weight: 135.7 kilograms

As long as I the scale indicator is going down I have no problems. Even when it is only 0.2 kilos. I deserve even worse. Went shopping in Santa Cruz yesterday and after Primark, obviously took a left turn to the chinese WOK next door...

Anyway. It was fun. Trick is definitely NOT TO eat anything in the evening. I had some dry fruit, an apple and a banana. No matter. I am happy that I broke the 137 area where I was for more than two weeks!

Had a weird dream last night. Weird and funny! In my dream I was drinking coca cola like mad. Actually I think it was a nightmare! Ha ha ha! No fizzy drinks people! Especially not Coca Cola if you are dieting.

I get awesome feedback all the time. it will happen to anyone . Not at first. But when the results are truly visible the cheering will keep you going trust me. And it will make you happy! And yesterday Michaela Bridges, one of the people who told me the harsch truth to my face and helped me getting out of the pits came to say hello and it was so nice to be able to thank her for those words she said to me a year ago...

As for me I can only praise God for putting this strength in me. And if you are a Christian and you are overweight this scripture might help you too as it helped me once:

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and SELF-CONTROL. Against such things there is no law."
(Galatians 5:22-23)

My philosophy is actually really simple. We are saved by grace, true. But one can not have faith and not acting accordingly. We will never be perfect but there are things that are a must in life, and self-control is one of them. I am imperfect. I know that. So I pray. And you may believe it or not but this is a prayer answered! And I tell you that God's timing is always PERFECT!

luni, 14 decembrie 2015


Weight: 135.9 kilograms

Finally! It took a bit of a push but here we go again! So it seems at least... The 137 barrier has been broken down so the next goal is changing the dial to 12x... I have not had that weight in like fifteen or twenty years... Feels like I am going back in time!

It has been quite a long week. A week full of events. And this month I won't have a rest at all. It will be work, work, work! Can't believe that I won't be having any days off at all... But I love my job so I will be going at the office gladly. Every day! Never suspected when 2015 has started that I will be under 130 kilograms by the end of it.

People who have not seen me since last year keep cheering me up. Apparently now I look "more professional". Ha ha ha! I loved that one. Wondering what that means... I mean I know what they are trying to say but I never agreed to the idea that in art looks are more important than expression but while I was writing this sentence I realised that the visual has also an impact.

I still refuse to use that but now Christmas is around the corner so a suit and a tie won't hurt me. I am thinking however of some stage gear. Very difficult though. On this rock many say they can do a lot of stuff, will take your money but they won't deliver. And I have the proof of that in my house.

So here's to losing weight! Stay cool and rock on everyone! God bless!

vineri, 4 decembrie 2015


Weight: 137.7 kilograms

This is all soooo annoying! And they say that 7 is a lucky number!!! No matter what I'll be doing my stuff starting tomorrow. Maybe it is time to get back to the morning walks. I don't think it will have to be that early in the morning because it is a bit chilly but tomorrow I will give it a go and see if it is ok...

Quiet and relaxing day yesterday. Everything seems to be coming back to normal again which is pretty awesome. Nevermind the next couple of days! lots of things to do. Lot of preparing. And I hate doing stuff like laqundry, cleaning the house and all that... I like my place being clean and tidy.

But I don't really like the place I am living. never did. It always was a good arrangement. So soon will move house. Where to? No idea! And that is what makes the beginning of the new year coming so exciting. And annoying at the same time. I am a creature of habit. But in spite of the fact that I don't like change it feels like I need one. Besides that I adjust rapidly so... Thing is there will be many changes. Big ones. Hope will cope with all that...

Gotta go. See ya tomorrow. Stay cool and rock on people! God bless!

joi, 3 decembrie 2015


Weight: 137.4

Now it's personal!!! 137 is my enemy number. It happened before and it will happen after this. Sometimes it is a barrier that you need to push through. But right now, 137 is the most annoying number in the world!!!

Had a brilliant day yesterday. And highlight of it all was my evening at the Charly Bar. Made a lot of new friends. Yesterday Sweden and Spain stood out of the crowd. And picture this: a Spanish girl who has the same name as the Queen of Sweden, lives in Germany and speaks English. There must be something wrong there... 

This is my last week with two days off for a while. Christmas time is here baby! Let's enjoy it and get rid of the unnecessary load people! Cheers! God bless!

miercuri, 2 decembrie 2015


Weight: 137.5

Went up again and this is becoming quite annoying. I just had yoghurt and an apple after the gig, late in the evening last night and that's what killed the whole day. I knew that from some point getting rid of the weight will start being slower anyway. But there is the goal of breaking yet and only thinking about the scale showing 12... it is really exciting!

Washed my car yesterday and guess what?!! We had rain in Las Galletas! Most unusual weather this year is all I can say. Had a good day all in all though. And things are happening and they are happening fast! And that makes me believe that the future looks awesome. There's a few chapters being left behind and new chapters opening and I can't wait for the new adventures God has installed for me so I am full of hope!

Here is to yet another day! A bright and sunny day! It is already a beautiful morning. And everything is awesome because as long as we are alive there is no problem that we can not solve! So stay cool and God bless!

marți, 1 decembrie 2015


Weight: 137.3 kilograms

This is really weird now. It is like my weight is dancing around the 137 scale. Techno dance. And it is not in grams that the groove is given but in kilograms. First I go 1.8 up. Then I go 1.2 kilograms down... It is kinda funny and worrying at the same time...

Anyway, there's things other things about to happen. December 2015 might be a milestone for me. There is going to be changes. More than I expected. And they are all exciting. Always is when God starts working in your life. I should have learned by now that with God whatever seems like a set back at first is actually a significant step forward.

It is Romania's National Day today. Christmas is around the corner. And in between will be some more exciting news. Not quite a secret any more. Just kept it as a secret over the past couple of weeks or so. If everything works out this will be the best Christmas present ever! Yaaay!

So stay cool everyone! God bless! Don't worry! Be Happy!