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miercuri, 14 octombrie 2015


Weight: 145.3 kilograms

For a few days everything will be back to the same routine. After that will be on holidays. Or maybe not. That might have to wait a bit longer. But while a man makes plans in his heart it is the Lord who is guiding the steps.

It is always good to have a plan. It will give you a direction. It will take out a lot of stress and you will be wasting a lot less time in achieving goals. But a plan is NEVER a fixed thing. In fact a plan will always need adjustments. Simply because things change. They always do.

Apart from that, my experience has taught me to expect the unexpected. To be prepared for that at all times. Still, I don't like the change. Well, I thought I did not like changes... And that has changed! So did the plans of course.

Actually there is the main plan which is a sum of other plans. Some of them might work. Some of them might not. But they will always lead you to the final goal. Therefore I focus on the final goal. I keep my eyes on the prize.

A funny feeling started developing lately and it is growing. A new plan. God has surprised me many times. Big time. Coming to this island was definitely one of them. And me dieting in this way was yet another one. Seeing the results and getting the feed back from so many can only make me happy.

True, during the time my family was here I did not do my morning walks and I went a bit crazy with the food. But that did not kill the results. Just slowed them down a bit. Am still going strong. Apart from that everything is so much easier to do now. Am used to my new life style and I know that because when ever I break the rules I feel totally uncomfortable.

I have been told that many people are following the blog now and started dieting which is another incentive. It is good to know that I can help others. But, as I stated so many times, I am not an expert on the matter. And we are all different. Things that might be working for me won't work for you. You just have to find the things that make you click and the results will be there.

My click was weighing myself every day. That does not generally work but I know that I am a person who does not react in the usual behavioural patterns. Strange thing is that I am easier to handle because of that. One just need to pay attention to a few details. But I won't give them away. Everything is supposed to come in a natural way. So have a blessed day everyone and stay cool!

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