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joi, 1 octombrie 2015


Weight: 147.2  kilograms

 ALARM! Only two days of being careless and this is what happens! The scale was becoming my best friend but as everyone can see has no mercy. I was so upset with myself. Lost two valuable days. And I knew exactly what I was doing! There is no excuse. I totally deserve what I got.

So everything is going back on track starting today! Decided to go back at the gym. I was kind of like in between paying a full month but not being able to go or just pay and do as much as I can since soon enough my family will be here and then I will be going on holidays but going to the gym is a different part of the plan and I can not miss it.

When on holidays I will be going at this amazing gym in my neighbourhood. I took the pictures above and below last year in January. Looks a bit science-fiction but that-s how we roll back home baby!

Yesterday I have almost behaved food wise. Had an English breakfast but I did the toasted bread too. For lunch had a three course with cream mushroom soup, sirloin steak with fried onions and some white chocolate cake. That was before one o'clock. After that I totally behaved. Had just fruit in the afternoon and then, when I got back home after the gig I had some watermelon.

I have learned a few important things about my body. Weighing myself everyday was a good idea. Not only that it works for me but also gave me an idea about what is happening when I do different things. So I am not surprised anymore with the results of the scale. In fact I expect them. 

For some reason, although I slept longer yesterday morning, I was tired through the whole day. Or maybe it is exactly because I woke up late and I did not do my morning walk that I lacked energy...

Anyway, today I woke up yet again at 6:30, did my morning walk and am preparing myself for the scale and then I will be off to the gym. So basically I will enjoy the day. My advice to you is to do the same. no matter what. Stay cool everyone and God bless!

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