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luni, 30 noiembrie 2015


Weight: 138.5 kilograms

Well... Had a lot of fun with food during the weekend so I won't be complaining... But I am on the alarm mode. Should restart doing my morning walks. And should go back to the gym. But for the time being I just don't feel like it. And apart from that I am preparing for a yet another massive change in my life starting beginning of December...

Funny how my mind clicks... I am environment sensitive. Always. So it is not unusual for something to happen somewhere far away to have an impact on me... This time it was the passing away of a friend of people I know...

I always say that the second we are born it is the moment we start to die. All that is in between is this journey where we have to learn things. Some of us more. Some of us less. But all of us learning.

But for a Christian the last breath is like a sigh of relief.  We are done with the learning. We are done with the pain. And we swap the joys of being here bellow for the ultimate joy which will last forever.

Someone once said that we should not be afraid of death but of it's eternity. Everyone should be reflecting on that one... And I think is really sad to see people that believe this life here is IT. That this is all we get. That way of thinking it looks like a sort of disability. What else can it be when we are unable to dream? What else can it be when we are incapable to imagine?

We all have everything in the front of our very own eyes. All the works of the Creator. But we make ourselves busy with anything else but taking time to reflect on what we see. And that is when we lose contact with the reality. We emerge ourselves in a world that we are building in our own imaginations.

We start thinking that we know better. That we are the ultimate intelligence in the Universe. And that is exactly why we make so many mistakes as humanity. Destroying the creation is one of them. In all the aspects of the word. We are destroying the environment created for us. We are destroying us. 

Isn't it strange? We are so advanced in our knowledge but we still have built in the Dark Ages instincts? Oh yes! The humans are desperately trying to overcome that in their own strength. But they can't. Without the grace of God there will always be hate, wars, destruction. 

That is what Jesus was talking about when he said that we need to be born again. Not from the flesh but from the spirit. So we could achieve more. So we could be truly free. A freedom that no man will had in it's own strength. 

Indeed. For a Christian the last breath is a sigh of relief. Just have a look at the world today... You know that I am right. So make the right choices. Because the second we are born is the moment we start to die. So every second counts. Even today. God bless!

sâmbătă, 28 noiembrie 2015


Weight: 137.5

Going up and down the scale. This time, although I went up I am happy. I thought it was much worse as yesterday I did not only one but two terrible things in an attepmt to cheer myself up.

So first I went for lunch in "El Cordero". The pretext for that was taking out a Christian family that just got here. So I thought that I would make a bit of a warm welcome which in fact was just another excuse for treating myself with some goodies...

I had already planned in my heart to go to Santa Cruz for shopping. Never had in mind that is what they call "Black Friday". Thinking about it this morning, as I was walking back home from the pharmacy I realized that somehow, someone is trying to pervert all the traces of Christianity.

Jesus Christ's birthday was transformed from "Merry Christmas" to "Happy Holidays", "Feliz Fiestas"... The Friday Jesus was crucified, is now becoming a regular "Black Friday" where people are supposed to shop heavily...

And by the way. I did not buy anything. The prices on the tags were higher than usually and I felt that my intelligence was being insulted so I just dropped the idea of shopping anything after visiting my favourite shop over the last couple of years: C&A. And believe me. I know the prices over there.

At least somebody had fun. I took along with me a friend and her daughter. I knew they would have fun and I did not want to drive all alone in the car. So seeing them having fun, as girls usually do when they go shopping, cheered me up a bit after thinking to much again...

Even the Chinese waitress, a young girl, surprised me... I don't what my face looked like while we were having dinner at the WOK next to Primark (Ooops! I did it again! To my ashame... ) but she just said "You look very pensive"... I mumbled something out of surprise... And I was thinking that I might not be the best travel companion for my friend but looking at them I realised that there was to much fun involved for them to notice...

So there you go. Did two naughty things in just one day. It is time for the command "Down boy". So that is what I will do. Have a blessed weekend everyone! Stay cool and rock on! Ciao for now!

joi, 26 noiembrie 2015


Weight: 138.2 kilograms

So disappointing... Not because of what the scale is showing but because I really do not know where this is coming from. I honestly did not see it coming. A few hundred grams would have been not a surprise since I had some fruit just before going to bed... But 1.4 kilograms is a little bit too much... I actually weighed myself twice!

And I was just thinking about how I was slowly coming back to my old self... This just took me out of the chilling mode and took me out of the day dreaming... So this last part of the week will be mostly vegetables and fruit. By the end of it I should be around 135... That is the goal for Monday morning at least...

This is probably the moment where all the real hard work has to start. I knew that this might happen at some point. The closer you get to the normal weight the harder it is to get there. So I might need to rethink and adjust. By next year I should be reaching the first part of the plan.

One thing has started happening. At least this is a good one. Every kilogram lost it shows. And I mean it shows physically. More and more people started congratulating me on this. At first I did not realize how important this was for me. But now I almost count them. 

I am sorry... Sometimes I lack inspiration and become boring. Sometimes the things I write are silly. Sometimes are stupid and irritating. Sometimes are brilliant. Those things that I write are just drafts. So I could remember. One of the things that I must do in life is to write a book. And for that I need to get together all the stuff. All the thoughts. All the experiences. All the feelings. All that I documented.

Some nice things are about to happen as Christmas is around the corner... Starting tomorrow I will be doing a countdown from 10... Am about to turn my life upside down. But in a nice way. At least that is what I hope. That is the main word now. Hope.

Stay cool and rock on everyone! have a nice day! God bless! Ciao!

miercuri, 25 noiembrie 2015


Weight: 136.8 kilograms

That is so niiice! Feel better now! Ha! So it is back to the future baby. Went back to my own drill and put myself back on track. And this is not just a physical quest. It is also a spiritual journey.

I am a perfectionist. That is not always a good thing. But when at the business school I have learned about a tool called "opportunity cost". Heavily used in marketing. It can be quantified. You can use math to calculate it. Basically it is about what you have to give up in order to achieve more. In this particular case? Lose the old habits!

I started realizing that one can solve many problems if cares less. I have to finally accept that the people don't necessarily pursue excellence but will take the average as a solution anytime instead. Take the easy way. I just did that. And I am not happy to admit that I broke my record of not going back on my word as a first step in order to achieve that less caring goal.

They say that the first kill is the most difficult and that it becomes easier with every new one. Hope this is not the case here. Keeping my word and promises is still a part of being a real man in this plastic, fake world that we are living in today. Even that is not easy...

You have to be prepared to face the consequences when you go back on your word... When you decide to do that, it is unlikely that anyone will care about the struggles and painful processes that involve going against all that you are, breaking yourself and lowering your standards...

People most likely will take such an action as a sign of weakness and may as well try to pull some more strings on you for many different reasons... Maybe to feel better, maybe to feel smarter, maybe to feel safer, maybe to feel that they are in control. Maybe all of those together or just one... Unless they opened themselves you will never know for sure. Whatever the reasons are you just have to accept and face it. Because you are not trustworthy anymore.

You will probably be able to see all of that clearly on their faces when they wink at each other while sharing an accomplice smile. Probably they think "Yesss! We won!". It will break you one more time putting an ice cold dagger in your heart. In that instant what is actually making them happy in a silly, foolish and - strangely enough - cute way will give way to sadness... It is the moment that you become almost certain that they planned together how to corner you once again... You will be left with only two choices: either to leave them be or to let them have what they want, sigh and say: "Whatever. God is in control"...

Amazingly, you will still love them because they are performing to the best of their abilities. So you have to forgive them. As they forgive you. And never forget: your God given gifts are only yours. Nobody can take that away from you no matter what. Make those around you respect the fact that you let them use you and never let them abuse you. Always be fair.

I wish I was like most of the people. Life would be so much more easier and more fun! But to me is really heartbreaking when I see we do not realize that by accepting the average hardly anything will be achieved. Even more: we only extend the process of getting where we want to be. I stand confused right now I'll admit to that. But thinking always got me closer to God.

I choose therefore to go rational... A final goal is more important than some words or the feeling of being in control that those around me are in need of. That is why I started thinking maybe it is better to care less about how people act and let them have their fun. Let them think that they have outsmarted me (I do that most of the time anyway). Look ahead for the final goal. Search for solutions even in those harsh conditions. Buy the time in anyway that you can for the mutual benefit. Try to be smarter in every situation... At least give it a shot even when you don't think it is possible!

Facts, acts and deeds. Achieving goals. Without compromise. Whenever is possible. Step by step. Slowly. Gradually. That is all that matters. Apart from that never forget that those gifts that one is equipped with, as in talent, skills, education, experience and determination, can't be taken away.

Therefore the owner carries them around wherever he chooses to be. To share the gifts is the owner's choice! And he or she can take them anywhere if from being used you are being abused. That is the best part ever. It is not necessarily anybody's fault if people choose, according to their standards, levels of tolerance and understanding, not to use one another in their full or reject them so no one should feel guilty...

Thinking about all this stuff made me think even more about the general human behaviour today... Like lowering our standards is never for the best. That is how the average became slowly a rule in our lives today. It is like a cancer spreading easily through society because excellence is so difficult to achieve. And to me, accepting the average is an expression of fear. Excellence can never be achieved by accepting the average. That is a fact. And we all have to accept that sometimes our best is simply not enough and you should choose another path.

Secondly, it is very wise to use the cost of opportunity and that it is a must to change the plan according to the unexpected changes, especially when those changes are not the best choice for you. Someone once told me that good is the enemy of the best and I agree with that. Why is it that when the going gets tough we always have the tendency to forget our beliefs then? We are very funny indeed. But that is what makes us human too I guess. And I am not talking about being funny part...

This whole labyrinth of thoughts has also brought to my mind the fact that the progress was always achieved through very few. The elites. Progress was never easy to accept for the majority because anything out of the ordinary it will take most of us out of the comfort zone.

Thing is that back in the days we were smart enough to appreciate the beautiful out of the ordinary minds an their out of the average ideas. It was exactly those ideas that brought us from the stone age to the achievements of today. Those minds were, are and will always be a gift from God. Whenever we disregard them we reject His gift.

I love people. I really do. Obviously to much... I care for the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve more than I should probably. I always forget that it is everyone for themselves after all because our relationship with God, existing or non-existing, is personal. Can't help it though: it seems to me that in today's world everything is upside down: you get more for giving less and you get less or nothing for giving more for one thing...  People pretend or believe that they are something they are not, and many times they do that without even knowing it... I myself am trying not to lose it... And am desperately trying to keep my sanity...

So... I am now on a new training. Will train myself to care a bit less for the human acts and look for God even more. From now on it will be more "whatever"s with the people while pursuing the final personal prize. And no. It is NOT a selfish thing to put my relationship with God first. He is my strength. God has never let me down and I am sure He never will. Humans, myself included, will always do that at some point. So if I let people down, even if I don't want to, why expect anything else in return?

One thing will be avoided though. No more soft spots in sight again. They might give way for others to sin. People will always take advantage of that and I am determined not to let that happen easily or without being careful. I was happy to let them use me for free in the past and that did not go so well. Not only for me but for those around me.

That is why I used the word abuse. It is time to close myself a bit. Just enough to prevent the posibility of being abused in any way. Will be always fair though. have to. Would not have it in any other way. Fair and tough. In a gentle way if you know what I mean. And I would expect the same in return. It will be another way of showing that I love them. See if it works this time. Will always keep trying to improve the way I interact with the people. I never quit... Time to turn yet another page...

Oh! And I will start saying "NO" more often. Not without reason or common sense of course. Sorry about that one but I realized that when you do that a "YES" brings so much happiness around while acting viceversa brings so much pain... So stay cool and healthy! God bless!

marți, 24 noiembrie 2015


Weight: 137.8 kilograms

I did not want to write about this today for a moment there because of the mixed feelings of guilt and shame. But then I remembered that after making a mistake, hiding would make the things only worse. So I put myself on trial. 

Yes. I did something terrible yesterday. I head bread. I had a small pizza baguette. I had a can of shandy and a can of Fanta orange.  And this is the outcome. The worst part is that I had fun. And now i looked at the scale and felt totally disappointed...

It is not over until it is over. It might take a long time but with the grace of God I will make it through. Here comes another day! Stay cool and God bless! Ciao for now!

luni, 23 noiembrie 2015


Weight: 136.8 kilograms

Wow! And I mean WOOOOW!!! I did not see that one coming at all! But I am so pleased with this result. I have weighed myself in different clothing and consequently the results were altered. While I was still thinking that I am around the 140 kilograms area my body did it's job... Amazing! It is amazing to see the results. I started liking what I see in the pictures lately and this picture, taken last night is one of them...

And below you have a picture from exactly one year ago. Can't believe the difference myself. And I still can't believe that it is me doing this. I prayed and prayed again for it. I even thought at some point in my foolishness that being not only overweight but obese is what God has installed for me.

But God's timing is perfect. Always. So here I am 53 kilos less after a year. And what seemed to be an impossible task is now slowly becoming reality. And although I obviously still have a long way to go I am pretty confident that this goal is achievable...

It makes me really happy to get the wild feedback that I am having on this... And it is also an amazing feeling to see that this quest of mine, that I thought it was just a simple diet, is inspiring so many people...

I always write about things... And I know for a fact that all of those who write will always tell stories generated by feelings about things tha are happening in real life... 

Must be careful though... Maybe i am to much of an opened person. And since writing is my way of letting the steam out I sometimes end up hurting people. usually those I care for. If it happens to you just don't take it in. Just know I am not doing that to hurt anyone. In fact I am doing it in order to avoid that...

Yes, true. There you have it! The big secret's out! Sometimes I get hurt. It is a very rare thing, but it does happen. And it is always the people that you care for will cause that to happen mostly because I am caught off guard. And I just learned recently that I do not express that properly. When I get hurt it looks more like anger. But it is anything else but that. 

Basically it is only me desperately trying to build a defence, a wall of protection, until the storms have gone... I admit that I am not gentle while doing so. Partly because I have no time to think and partly because being a diplomat is not really what I am famous for. And that's how I end up in this endless loop of hurting others even though in normal circumstances I would never thing of anything like it...

God gives you all the right answers. Like yesterday in church. I realized that so many have been inspired by this blog. Not only for the diet. Many were puzzled about me involving my faith and God in something they thought it was just a simple thing. And consequently I get all sorts of questions related not only to my diet but about being a Christian. God is working in a mighty and amazing way in everything we do. And apart from that it is written:

"Then they asked him, “What must we do to do the works God requires?”
Jesus answered, “The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.”
(John 6:28-29 NIV)

You should know that even though I am a Christian, I find it very difficult to let go of control so many times. But I have learned in my walk with Christ that is exactly when I let go of personal control God is fully taking charge and accoplishes some amazing things. Like me losing 53 kilograms for instance...

I got a bit annoyed with Facebook... Tried to shut it down for a while... To my surprise I started getting calls... People started panicking! Hey! Chill out! I can take care of myself. And apart from that do you remember the days when the Internet and the social media was not around?!! Send me a letter sometime! Gimme a call!!! A phone call!!!

Please indulge me! Let's remember how the old days looked like. Without the smart phones and the Internet! If you're asking me we were much better back then: we would communicate properly and we would talk the things out. Now we speak and write more but we communicate less then ever.


Was a bit funny though to wake up with messages like "Don't you scare me like that again!"... Have to love my friends. They are AWESOOOME! So stay cool! God bless!

duminică, 22 noiembrie 2015


1. (Un psalm al lui David.) La Tine, Doamne, imi inalt sufletul.
2. In Tine, Dumnezeule, ma incred: sa nu fiu dat de rusine, ca sa nu se bucure vrajmasii mei de mine!
3. Da, toti cei ce nadajduiesc in Tine nu vor fi dati de rusine: ci de rusine vor fi dati cei ce Te parasesc fara temei.
4. Arata-mi, Doamne, caile Tale si invata-ma cararile Tale.
5. Povatuieste-ma in adevarul Tau si invata-ma; caci Tu esti Dumnezeul mantuirii mele, Tu esti totdeauna nadejdea mea!
6. Adu-Ti aminte, Doamne, de indurarea si bunatatea Ta; caci sunt vesnice.
7. Nu-Ti aduce aminte de greselile din tineretea mea, nici de faradelegile mele; ci adu-Ti aminte de mine, dupa indurarea Ta, pentru bunatatea Ta, Doamne!
8. Domnul este bun si drept: de aceea arata El pacatosilor calea.
9. El face pe cei smeriti sa umble in tot ce este drept. El invata pe cei smeriti calea Sa.
10. Toate cararile Domnului sunt indurare si credinciosie pentru cei ce pazesc legamantul si poruncile Lui.
11. Pentru Numele Tau, Doamne, iarta-mi faradelegea, caci mare este!
12. Cine este omul care se teme de Domnul? Aceluia Domnul ii arata calea pe care trebuie s-o aleaga.
13. El va locui in fericire, si samanta lui va stapani tara.
14. Prietenia Domnului este pentru cei ce se tem de El, si legamantul facut cu El le da invatatura.
15. Eu imi intorc necurmat ochii spre Domnul, caci El imi va scoate picioarele din lat.
16. Priveste-ma si ai mila de mine, caci sunt parasit si nenorocit.
17. Nelinistea inimii mele creste: scoate-ma din necazul meu!
18. Uita-Te la ticalosia si truda mea si iarta-mi toate pacatele mele.
19. Vezi cat de multi sunt vrajmasii mei si cu ce ura mare ma urmaresc.
20. Pazeste-mi sufletul si scapa-ma! Nu ma lasa sa fiu dat de rusine cand ma incred in Tine!
21. Sa ma ocroteasca nevinovatia si neprihanirea, cand imi pun nadejdea in Tine!
22. Izbaveste, Dumnezeule, pe Israel din toate necazurile lui.

(Psalmii 25)

sâmbătă, 21 noiembrie 2015


Weight:   139.2 kilograms

Must be the "El Cordero" effect as I had lunch there yesterday... Got nothing much to say. Just letting God to take control over everything. It has been a difficult week. Yet another one in this second part of the year which was full of trials...

You know, when your are 46 of age you feel like you're tryouts are basically done but it is not like that when you are a Christian. So this is the lesson I have learned:


This will always occur. And if I will relax and let my guard down the conflict between my feelings and my beliefs will most likely be causing hurricanes in my heart storming not only my life but affecting those around me too. So it is better not to put my feelings against my beliefs. I think there is another lesson maybe...

And guess what! People we have around we usually love. Or like at least. That is why we want to and let them be around us in the first place... So it has been a trial week. I know there will be more, but I also know that God never gives us more than we can carry...

One of the effects was most definitely the fact that I did not do my morning walks. I did not wanna get out of bed after a sleepless night just to spend the next fifty minutes thinking which is what I usually do... Felt like if I wrap myself in the blanket again everything will be just fine... And for a minute it felt like it... Did not solve the problem but helped me relax a bit...

People tell me I think to much. Not to boast but I believe I think to fast... It never stops and because of that sometimes I am getting tired... I wish I could relax at some point... But at the same time this is who I am... Love me. Hate me. Or even worse: ignore me.

In any case scenario I am determined to end up being what God wants me to be... And I will follow Him no matter what... As far as I can tell I can't trust myself so apart from Jesus, who died for me while forgiving me, saving me, asking nothing in return... And it is because of that there is no assurance that I won't hurt and won't get hurt by people I guess... I know. I've been told already. i think to much...

So stay blessed everyone! And have a beautiful day! I will make the best of it! Ciao for now!

joi, 12 noiembrie 2015


Weight: 140.4 kilos

For those of you who are reading this blog thinking about doing what I am there's just two things you need to know:


I myself used to think that I could never go back to a normal weight and although I am just half way there I now strongly believe that I will be able to achieve this goal and that even faster than I thought!

Of course there will always be an Achilles heel for everyone. And mine is called DISCIPLINE. Now don't get me wrong. I am far better than when i started dieting. And the bad news for all of you who are way over your weight limit is that in the most cases the food discipline is the real problem.

Not eating at the same hours. Not eating five meals a day. Eating after 6-7 PM. Eating junk food. Having a lot of fizzy drinks. And the list is so much longer! You know I am right! I know I am right because I have been there and that-s exactly why sometimes I slip of the path! Still! After almost one year I am still lack discipline in this area...

And there is more to it! Once you get the food discipline in your system you will very soon realize that other things start changing in your daily life habits. Actually everything starts changing. For the better of course. But because we tortured our body for so long because our laziness it is quite difficult to get out of that nasty loop...

But enough with the lecturing... I had an absolutely fabulous evening at the Charly Bar yesterday! Awesome people! I actually decided not to take a second brake so I pushed my singing limits to 195 minutes!  I am so grateful today that I accepted this gig. I do remember how terrified I was with the 3 hours singing... When you sing different styles in the original key that is not recommended. At all...

Yet my voice is fine and I can only thank God for that. Actually when on holidays this year, just before coming back, I had a checkup and everything was AWESOOOOME! I actually took a picture with my vocal chords on the monitor!!! 

And it was at the Charly Bar that I met Mike Edwards, the guy who told me that I am a fun guy and that I should put that part of me on stage too! Up until then I was kinda' just singing, thinking that my jokes will get me some tomatoes and fresh eggs on stage but Mike was ritht all the way! So thank you for that Mike and Mandy Edwards!

Today I am to go and see the dentist in the morning and at the Candelaria Hospital in the afternoon... A friend of mine is having surgery. Hope it all goes well. When you're under thirty of age and you have a part of you removed, with a 50/50% chance of fixing the problem you need all the support from everyone. Jenny's boyfriend Lee is already there and I will be there to cheer them up too. And I had the privilege of meeting them both at the Charly Bar... You gotta love that place!

Anyway! Everything seems to be back on track, and I will intrust the lord with everything that will happen today. And I will give you the Bible quote that made me move and lose weight. It is about the fruits of the spirit. The Holy Spirit...

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law."
Galatians 5:22-23

Now I am asking you people out there: what teachings from the Bible are so despicable that so many refuse to listen to them and follow the one who has died for us to be saved? You tell me...

miercuri, 11 noiembrie 2015


Weight:  140.7 kilograms

Alarm mode again! Kinda' didn't want to weigh myself this morning... Ooops. I did it again. Had a late dinner. And the fact that I started doing my morning walks does not help. Always remember: 70-80% of the work when you want to lose weight is not the physical effort but it has to be done in the kitchen. One has to zip it and that is a fact! You don-t have to starve but after 6 or 7 PM dinner is strictly forbidden!

I am unusually hungry every since I got back on the rock. Might be the air change but it really does not matter because excuses will not help achieving goals. Ever! So I went to the Farmacia to weigh myself and now I have to let my burning conscience give me what I deserve.

Did the morning walk. Every day something new is puzzling and it makes you wonder... Like this morning... I saw a quite a few people who are having a cigarette break while doing their walk... What is that all about?!! "Oh I so miss the carbon dioxide in my lungs! I want it back!"... Can't understand them at all...

And what is with the calima again?!! Last year was cold. This year is the calima?!! So not Tenerife like! I don[t mind the heat, but the dust that makes a gluey mix with the sweat just minutes after taking my shower is so annoying!

Whatever... It is going to be yet another good day. I-ll make the best of it. You should do the same! Stay cool! Ciao. God bless!

marți, 10 noiembrie 2015


Weight: 140.4 kilograms

Looks like this 140 kilograms barrier it is a bit of a challenge. And I love a challenge! I always get better when challenged! But I can't say that I did everything right! Having something to eat after midnight is not allowed even if it is not carbs!

I was not here when the hour changed so it is a bit odd to start my walk in the daylight... Who knows? Maybe, like the plants, I need that for some kind of photosynthesis... Well... No worries. I'll get used to it.

Going to the gym will not start today as planned but on Thursday. As always I have my reasons and no excuses... So everything is almost back on track. I still feel like I am on holiday mode. And I still don't like the calima although it is warm in November.

Can't think of anything entertaining to say. But tomorrow is another day. I am having a day off and I started not liking them. They started being a bit boring now. Need to find something to fill those blanks with... Anyway. Till tomorrow! Ciao for now! God bless!

luni, 9 noiembrie 2015


Weight: 140.2 kilograms

Hey! it's been more than 100 days! Actually 103!!! Wow! So I am back on the rock and I am looking to brake yet another barrier which will probably be happening tomorrow. I am still on "holiday mode" I guess. Good thing is I have not put any weight on as people usually do when on vacation but obviously the process was slowed down during this time...

I guess it was nice taking a break from the morning walks and the gym, and being a bit more relaxed food wise. Still i find no excuses now, looking back... I should have been under 140 kilos a couple of weeks ago...

Oh well... Starting tomorrow is back to the future baby: the alarm clock is set for 6:30 every morning from Monday to Saturday and for 6:00 o'clock on Sundays... Gym starts toimorrow again, and i know that Iván Gym El Templo will be telling me off for the wasted time.

I promised myself to work harder at the gym, and to buy a bicycle as soon as possible... I love that and I enjoyed taking my brother's in law bike for a spin so am looking forward to it!

I am back and the challenge is still on! I am fresh so watch me roll! Ciao God bless!