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luni, 30 noiembrie 2015


Weight: 138.5 kilograms

Well... Had a lot of fun with food during the weekend so I won't be complaining... But I am on the alarm mode. Should restart doing my morning walks. And should go back to the gym. But for the time being I just don't feel like it. And apart from that I am preparing for a yet another massive change in my life starting beginning of December...

Funny how my mind clicks... I am environment sensitive. Always. So it is not unusual for something to happen somewhere far away to have an impact on me... This time it was the passing away of a friend of people I know...

I always say that the second we are born it is the moment we start to die. All that is in between is this journey where we have to learn things. Some of us more. Some of us less. But all of us learning.

But for a Christian the last breath is like a sigh of relief.  We are done with the learning. We are done with the pain. And we swap the joys of being here bellow for the ultimate joy which will last forever.

Someone once said that we should not be afraid of death but of it's eternity. Everyone should be reflecting on that one... And I think is really sad to see people that believe this life here is IT. That this is all we get. That way of thinking it looks like a sort of disability. What else can it be when we are unable to dream? What else can it be when we are incapable to imagine?

We all have everything in the front of our very own eyes. All the works of the Creator. But we make ourselves busy with anything else but taking time to reflect on what we see. And that is when we lose contact with the reality. We emerge ourselves in a world that we are building in our own imaginations.

We start thinking that we know better. That we are the ultimate intelligence in the Universe. And that is exactly why we make so many mistakes as humanity. Destroying the creation is one of them. In all the aspects of the word. We are destroying the environment created for us. We are destroying us. 

Isn't it strange? We are so advanced in our knowledge but we still have built in the Dark Ages instincts? Oh yes! The humans are desperately trying to overcome that in their own strength. But they can't. Without the grace of God there will always be hate, wars, destruction. 

That is what Jesus was talking about when he said that we need to be born again. Not from the flesh but from the spirit. So we could achieve more. So we could be truly free. A freedom that no man will had in it's own strength. 

Indeed. For a Christian the last breath is a sigh of relief. Just have a look at the world today... You know that I am right. So make the right choices. Because the second we are born is the moment we start to die. So every second counts. Even today. God bless!

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