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joi, 26 noiembrie 2015


Weight: 138.2 kilograms

So disappointing... Not because of what the scale is showing but because I really do not know where this is coming from. I honestly did not see it coming. A few hundred grams would have been not a surprise since I had some fruit just before going to bed... But 1.4 kilograms is a little bit too much... I actually weighed myself twice!

And I was just thinking about how I was slowly coming back to my old self... This just took me out of the chilling mode and took me out of the day dreaming... So this last part of the week will be mostly vegetables and fruit. By the end of it I should be around 135... That is the goal for Monday morning at least...

This is probably the moment where all the real hard work has to start. I knew that this might happen at some point. The closer you get to the normal weight the harder it is to get there. So I might need to rethink and adjust. By next year I should be reaching the first part of the plan.

One thing has started happening. At least this is a good one. Every kilogram lost it shows. And I mean it shows physically. More and more people started congratulating me on this. At first I did not realize how important this was for me. But now I almost count them. 

I am sorry... Sometimes I lack inspiration and become boring. Sometimes the things I write are silly. Sometimes are stupid and irritating. Sometimes are brilliant. Those things that I write are just drafts. So I could remember. One of the things that I must do in life is to write a book. And for that I need to get together all the stuff. All the thoughts. All the experiences. All the feelings. All that I documented.

Some nice things are about to happen as Christmas is around the corner... Starting tomorrow I will be doing a countdown from 10... Am about to turn my life upside down. But in a nice way. At least that is what I hope. That is the main word now. Hope.

Stay cool and rock on everyone! have a nice day! God bless! Ciao!

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