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luni, 23 noiembrie 2015


Weight: 136.8 kilograms

Wow! And I mean WOOOOW!!! I did not see that one coming at all! But I am so pleased with this result. I have weighed myself in different clothing and consequently the results were altered. While I was still thinking that I am around the 140 kilograms area my body did it's job... Amazing! It is amazing to see the results. I started liking what I see in the pictures lately and this picture, taken last night is one of them...

And below you have a picture from exactly one year ago. Can't believe the difference myself. And I still can't believe that it is me doing this. I prayed and prayed again for it. I even thought at some point in my foolishness that being not only overweight but obese is what God has installed for me.

But God's timing is perfect. Always. So here I am 53 kilos less after a year. And what seemed to be an impossible task is now slowly becoming reality. And although I obviously still have a long way to go I am pretty confident that this goal is achievable...

It makes me really happy to get the wild feedback that I am having on this... And it is also an amazing feeling to see that this quest of mine, that I thought it was just a simple diet, is inspiring so many people...

I always write about things... And I know for a fact that all of those who write will always tell stories generated by feelings about things tha are happening in real life... 

Must be careful though... Maybe i am to much of an opened person. And since writing is my way of letting the steam out I sometimes end up hurting people. usually those I care for. If it happens to you just don't take it in. Just know I am not doing that to hurt anyone. In fact I am doing it in order to avoid that...

Yes, true. There you have it! The big secret's out! Sometimes I get hurt. It is a very rare thing, but it does happen. And it is always the people that you care for will cause that to happen mostly because I am caught off guard. And I just learned recently that I do not express that properly. When I get hurt it looks more like anger. But it is anything else but that. 

Basically it is only me desperately trying to build a defence, a wall of protection, until the storms have gone... I admit that I am not gentle while doing so. Partly because I have no time to think and partly because being a diplomat is not really what I am famous for. And that's how I end up in this endless loop of hurting others even though in normal circumstances I would never thing of anything like it...

God gives you all the right answers. Like yesterday in church. I realized that so many have been inspired by this blog. Not only for the diet. Many were puzzled about me involving my faith and God in something they thought it was just a simple thing. And consequently I get all sorts of questions related not only to my diet but about being a Christian. God is working in a mighty and amazing way in everything we do. And apart from that it is written:

"Then they asked him, “What must we do to do the works God requires?”
Jesus answered, “The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.”
(John 6:28-29 NIV)

You should know that even though I am a Christian, I find it very difficult to let go of control so many times. But I have learned in my walk with Christ that is exactly when I let go of personal control God is fully taking charge and accoplishes some amazing things. Like me losing 53 kilograms for instance...

I got a bit annoyed with Facebook... Tried to shut it down for a while... To my surprise I started getting calls... People started panicking! Hey! Chill out! I can take care of myself. And apart from that do you remember the days when the Internet and the social media was not around?!! Send me a letter sometime! Gimme a call!!! A phone call!!!

Please indulge me! Let's remember how the old days looked like. Without the smart phones and the Internet! If you're asking me we were much better back then: we would communicate properly and we would talk the things out. Now we speak and write more but we communicate less then ever.


Was a bit funny though to wake up with messages like "Don't you scare me like that again!"... Have to love my friends. They are AWESOOOME! So stay cool! God bless!

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