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joi, 12 noiembrie 2015


Weight: 140.4 kilos

For those of you who are reading this blog thinking about doing what I am there's just two things you need to know:


I myself used to think that I could never go back to a normal weight and although I am just half way there I now strongly believe that I will be able to achieve this goal and that even faster than I thought!

Of course there will always be an Achilles heel for everyone. And mine is called DISCIPLINE. Now don't get me wrong. I am far better than when i started dieting. And the bad news for all of you who are way over your weight limit is that in the most cases the food discipline is the real problem.

Not eating at the same hours. Not eating five meals a day. Eating after 6-7 PM. Eating junk food. Having a lot of fizzy drinks. And the list is so much longer! You know I am right! I know I am right because I have been there and that-s exactly why sometimes I slip of the path! Still! After almost one year I am still lack discipline in this area...

And there is more to it! Once you get the food discipline in your system you will very soon realize that other things start changing in your daily life habits. Actually everything starts changing. For the better of course. But because we tortured our body for so long because our laziness it is quite difficult to get out of that nasty loop...

But enough with the lecturing... I had an absolutely fabulous evening at the Charly Bar yesterday! Awesome people! I actually decided not to take a second brake so I pushed my singing limits to 195 minutes!  I am so grateful today that I accepted this gig. I do remember how terrified I was with the 3 hours singing... When you sing different styles in the original key that is not recommended. At all...

Yet my voice is fine and I can only thank God for that. Actually when on holidays this year, just before coming back, I had a checkup and everything was AWESOOOOME! I actually took a picture with my vocal chords on the monitor!!! 

And it was at the Charly Bar that I met Mike Edwards, the guy who told me that I am a fun guy and that I should put that part of me on stage too! Up until then I was kinda' just singing, thinking that my jokes will get me some tomatoes and fresh eggs on stage but Mike was ritht all the way! So thank you for that Mike and Mandy Edwards!

Today I am to go and see the dentist in the morning and at the Candelaria Hospital in the afternoon... A friend of mine is having surgery. Hope it all goes well. When you're under thirty of age and you have a part of you removed, with a 50/50% chance of fixing the problem you need all the support from everyone. Jenny's boyfriend Lee is already there and I will be there to cheer them up too. And I had the privilege of meeting them both at the Charly Bar... You gotta love that place!

Anyway! Everything seems to be back on track, and I will intrust the lord with everything that will happen today. And I will give you the Bible quote that made me move and lose weight. It is about the fruits of the spirit. The Holy Spirit...

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law."
Galatians 5:22-23

Now I am asking you people out there: what teachings from the Bible are so despicable that so many refuse to listen to them and follow the one who has died for us to be saved? You tell me...

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