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miercuri, 11 noiembrie 2015


Weight:  140.7 kilograms

Alarm mode again! Kinda' didn't want to weigh myself this morning... Ooops. I did it again. Had a late dinner. And the fact that I started doing my morning walks does not help. Always remember: 70-80% of the work when you want to lose weight is not the physical effort but it has to be done in the kitchen. One has to zip it and that is a fact! You don-t have to starve but after 6 or 7 PM dinner is strictly forbidden!

I am unusually hungry every since I got back on the rock. Might be the air change but it really does not matter because excuses will not help achieving goals. Ever! So I went to the Farmacia to weigh myself and now I have to let my burning conscience give me what I deserve.

Did the morning walk. Every day something new is puzzling and it makes you wonder... Like this morning... I saw a quite a few people who are having a cigarette break while doing their walk... What is that all about?!! "Oh I so miss the carbon dioxide in my lungs! I want it back!"... Can't understand them at all...

And what is with the calima again?!! Last year was cold. This year is the calima?!! So not Tenerife like! I don[t mind the heat, but the dust that makes a gluey mix with the sweat just minutes after taking my shower is so annoying!

Whatever... It is going to be yet another good day. I-ll make the best of it. You should do the same! Stay cool! Ciao. God bless!

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