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marți, 10 noiembrie 2015


Weight: 140.4 kilograms

Looks like this 140 kilograms barrier it is a bit of a challenge. And I love a challenge! I always get better when challenged! But I can't say that I did everything right! Having something to eat after midnight is not allowed even if it is not carbs!

I was not here when the hour changed so it is a bit odd to start my walk in the daylight... Who knows? Maybe, like the plants, I need that for some kind of photosynthesis... Well... No worries. I'll get used to it.

Going to the gym will not start today as planned but on Thursday. As always I have my reasons and no excuses... So everything is almost back on track. I still feel like I am on holiday mode. And I still don't like the calima although it is warm in November.

Can't think of anything entertaining to say. But tomorrow is another day. I am having a day off and I started not liking them. They started being a bit boring now. Need to find something to fill those blanks with... Anyway. Till tomorrow! Ciao for now! God bless!

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