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luni, 11 ianuarie 2016


Weight: 138.8 kilograms

I started being terribly sorry for letting myself go over Christmas and the New Year's Eve... It does not really pay off anymore. Thought I'll be back there in no time but obviously it is not the case. But the show must go on!

Things are happening all the time. You plan them. But I know for a fact that God laughs at our plans. So some of them will workout, some of them won't. That does not mean that you have to stop planning. To me it just means that I have have to move on and adjust them accordingly until you have reached the final destination.

One thing it is always making me sad though... Along the way you meet people. All sorts of them. And I know that everyone is different. I know that we don't value the same things, that we have different cultures, or that we have different tastes.

However I will never understand why and how the truth is so offensive to some. I will never stop being surprised by that one. Jesus was always telling the truth. And yet they had Him on trial and crucified for that, just because they did not like hearing it.

I suspect that it is always the fact that people get upset when the truth is being revealed out in the open. They don't like it. It is offensive to them. Therefore no wonder the Bible is so offensive to so many. Most of the time people have the tendency to think that they have outsmarted everyone.

I call it the "ostrich behaviour", because like the ostrich who puts it's head in the sand thinking that nobody will see it's big rear and feathers, likewise the human think that their words can cover up all the things they do or who they really are. And of course they will be in rage when discovering that is not as they planned!

I love people and that is why sometimes they are so annoying and difficult to love for me even though i know that God has commanded me to love everybody. Sometimes, just because I am so after the truth I forget all about love. That is when I lose my patience, kindness. And even if it happens only for a moment, God always finds a way to show me that I was wrong.

It is really difficult to love people who are obviously against you. That is what I am learning again right now. There are not many of those who know me and dislike me so I have almost forgot that lesson. And some will pull nasty things indeed. It has happened before and it will happen again.

Tomorrow is a new start in the walk with God. Am looking forward to it. Love Jesus with all my heart. He gives me hope and he keeps me going when all the doors are being shut. If I would have to rely only on the humans I would only fail miserably. Time after time. So my hope is Jesus. Always!

Stay cool everyone! God bless!

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