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luni, 21 noiembrie 2016


The contemporary world has been infected with the idea that science is contradicting the Bible. As a former atheist I can only say that nothing could be further from the truth. It is quite the opposite!

My faith is not blind. Actually faith is never blind. It is linked to the rational as well as to the spiritual. Faith without the spiritual component is just a mechanical thing, having no real power. Faith without the rational component is actually nothing but religion. And religious is something I am not.

Science had it wrong for two thousands of years while the Bible was right all along about the Earth being round, and the expansion of the Universe, just two mention two of the many examples.

Therefore I came to believe that scientists are only discovering traces of creation. As a good friend said yesterday, scientists can say how but they can't explain why. When science contradicts the Scriptures it only means that there is something wrong with the theory in itself.

Apart from that, the biggest atheist geniuses ever to live developed theories that were proven wrong, which means that they are not infallible. From a logical stand point of view this should give everybody reasonable doubts over their theories rejecting the existence of a Creator. 

Over the last seventy years people were slowly and gradually dispossessed of the basic right of being completely and correctly informed on those matters. Since all the information they get is directed to the idea that there is no God and no Creation they have no other options simply because the alternative was taken away from them.

But anyone would understand that not exploring all the options could, probably would and usually will, bring us to the wrong conclusions. So the world today is being fed with lies. But who and why would they be interested in this? The Bible also gives the answer to that one and every Christian knows it. 

So why not explore all the options? Why not do a thorough research before we conclude? Why not be opened minded (I am not talking only about atheists rejecting the Bible study but also about the Christians rejecting scientifically proved facts)? For what are we to call someone who ignores things, facts, testimonies and discoveries from all around the world?

My name is Cristian Romulus Irinoiu and this is my testimony. I was and atheist. I was into science until I started STUDYING the Bible. Today I believe that there is a Creator and that I am not an accident. 

I believe that I have a purpose. I believe that there is only one True God who made everything. I believe that He has revealed himself to us in flesh through Jesus Christ. And I know that without Him all the knowledge is useless.

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