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vineri, 11 noiembrie 2016


I know. I am from Romania. And Romania is just so far away from the United States. Apparently there is no reason for me to be angry, upset, worried or sad over a Donald Trump's election. Apparently. For I beg to differ with every american that has voted for Trump.

I am a Christian so my reasons have nothing to do with the liberal views that seem to be the common ground for Trump's opponents. Believe it or not there are many aspects and ideas promoted by the man that I totally agree with, for I am no idiot and I can see that there are problems.

However, is not what he says but how he says it and the suspicion that he is deceiving and misleading the Americans. Apart from that there is circumstantial evidence which indicates that everyone should be worried about Trump. Here are some personal thoughts over which I will conclude and try to predict what is going to happen. First let's talk about my reasons for being on alarm mode.

On this one, personal experience comes in handy. I was born and spent my first twenty one years of my life in a socialist country, ruled by a communist party, where people were not allowed to speak their minds and dictatorship was overthrown through bloodshed. Those who died thought they were fighting for freedom while those of us who survived thought the things will get better. In fact they went worse and today we all realise that we were used.

Used as in manipulated. Took us a decade to accept that, which means that I lived another twenty one years in a country where people have been constantly deceived and manipulated by and with the socialist methods of propaganda. And when I could not stand it anymore I left. I could not live anymore among people who would not listen to the voice of reason and wisdom.

During the last twenty-five years we have seen a lot of things. We have witnessed the power of brainwashing to the extent that people elected politician who ARE in jail on most recent elections! That is the power of brainwashing at work, As I studied the matter, it is achieved through a weak educational system and keeping most of the population on the edge of survival.

The weak educational system is there to "create" people who are incapable of selecting the proper information and reaching reasonable conclusions. You think it is impossible? Think again. Think about the fact that we are able to trick our children's minds to believe that there is such a thing as Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. It is possible to do that on a massive scale with the adults too.

Who would do such a thing and why? The question has an answer that is actually in the plain site. Most of us can't see the forest because of the trees as they say... I am not going to start the subject about that one as it is a long story. 

America is the leader of the free world and that is why everyone has an opinion. Enemies and allies are always looking to see what is happening in America. All around the world people are interested and that is why it would be ideal if the Americans would be all aware of the fact that they are responsible not only to themselves, as being a true leader involves great responsibility.

For instance Romania looks insignificant and very far from the United States doesn't it? But you see, it is the diplomatic relationship with the United States of America that give a sense of security to the Romanian people who are having an aggressive neighbour such as Russia at the border. And the feeling is that with Donald Trump nothing is secure anymore from that point of view, especially when there is suspicion over ties with the Russians.

Without America many smaller nations would stand no chance. That is why so many want a strong America and that is why there are also many who want a weak America. So I'll let you, the reader decide if Trump is making America weaker or stronger. The nation is being divided and even if the protests will stop the matters will still be unsettled. Divide and conquer. And who wants to divide and conquer America? Who? The answer to that question might enlighten many.

What is the problem with Donald Trump? Why is the alarm being raised? Actually it is many things. I am not going to talk about the fact that he has the appearance of a Russian or Slavic ethnicity. That is quite obvious in the part of the world that I am coming from and it is alarming in itself but it is also subjective. 

So let's talk integrity first. We have to do the integrity check, What are Trump's moral standards? The answer is very clear when one thinks about the standards for selecting his wife. Up until not so long ago no american would have ever elected a playboy star as their second lady but there was massive Christian support for Donald Trump!

Another alarm is raised by Trumps attitude and body language. It is a fact that most of the communication is non-verbal. If so, why is it that Trump reminds me of Mussolini, the former Italian dictator, who was best friends with another notorious socialist named Adolf Hitler? And just incidentally: did you know that Hitler rose to power feeding on the fear and manipulating the natural and desirable state of patriotism into the ugly nationalism exactly like Trump did this year? 

Hitler spoke used the Jews, Gypsies and others to create the idea that they are to blame for Germany's problems. Trump uses the Muslims, Mexicans and others for the exact same reason. We know what happened after Hitler came to power and the fact that Trump uses the same methods even though the names were changed, inflicting the idea that those are the ones guilty for America's problem raises a big alarm!

The fact that Trump's populism won by telling people exactly what they needed and wanted to hear does not mean that he will keep his word. Hitler never did, did he? And that is not everything. I come from a country where the socialist ideas and brainwashing methods are most effective even today to such an extent that the people actually elected politicians that are in jail for fraud so I know for a fact that it can be worse.

What is absolutely weird is that what I heard people who voted for convicts in Romania saying, I heard it said by Trump's voters. Not almost but EXACTLY the same words. And I do not believe in coincidences. I do understand that the American nation is need a solution. I do understand that they want it now. I do understand that many of them are of good heart. But Trump is not the solution.

In order to rebuild a nation the first thing that is needed is a reset. A return to the values that made it great. Donald Trump is exactly the opposite of that, for America was built on a Christian values. "In God We Trust" remember? So. I have many reasons to believe that Trump is a deceiver. And when I put in the balance the suspicion of being involved with the Russians, the alarm becomes what the Americans would express as DEFCON 1.

I have reasons to believe therefore that Donald Trump is going to do some of the things he said. But just those that will increase his personal power. The economy will slow down probably, before having an apparent boost for people living on the edge of survival are easier to control and manipulate. It is an indisputable historical fact that Hitler won the hearts of his people by boosting the economy only to bring Germany into ruins after a few years.

Of course, Trump will need to buy more time and if confronted with issues in the 2020 elections I would dare place a bet that, exactly like in Romania, he will put the blame on the "weighty legacy" that his administration had to face when taking over the office. I will not be surprised, and neither should you, for I have heard words like "We got our country back" from the Romanians and Americans alike. The EXACT same words.

Donald Trump is not the answer. And I don't think that there is anymore time to fix what just happened. Only time will tell. I love America. I really, really do. All my childhood friends know this. I used to love everything that represented America. Ever since Trump I can't say that anymore. I know I shouldn't say this for it might seem lack of patriotism but I sometimes feel I love America more than my native country.

A world without America is unsafe, and sadly,  I can't help thinking (hoping to God that I am dead wrong at the same time) that on the on November the 8th of 2016 the world stopped being a safe place. As I said I really hope and pray that I am wrong. I really do. From the bottom of my heart, may God bless America! God bless us all.

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