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sâmbătă, 26 septembrie 2015


Weight: 147.4 kilograms

Oh yess! Oh yess! Oh YEEEEEEESSSS! Two more kilos and I am half way through! The ladies at the Costa Silencio pharmacy must think I am nuts. Going everyday by myself and everytime I whisper the victory "Yessss!".

So yesterday my food was scrambbled eggs, smoked salmon, Tofu cheese, quarter of watermelon, bananas (see? I am going bananas) and plums. And of course lots of water. With squeezed lemon in it. That was pretty much it. Anyway...

I can't describe the feeling of joy when I see my new self in the pictures or, even better, when the people stop me or text me for advice. I don't think I am an expert on the matter. For that you should ask other people. To help you out I am sending you a link. Just click on the name.

I am giving you this link so you could get a professional opinion. I recommend people that I know and trust. Leigh Scott is one of them. You can always send a message. It is easy to do. I am flattered when people are asking me about what am I doing but you should know that everyone's body works in a different, unique way. So what works for me, might not be working for somebody else. That's why we all need professional guidance.

So last yesterday I got a Facebook message from somebody asking me about my diet and life style change... I think that is great but I also think that everybody should be also talking to professionals: personal trainers, nutritionists, doctors, etc. It is very important. I did it. Just a bit lucky I guess to have friends or doctors in the family. But I did my blood tests to, remember... So nothing should be left out.

This morning, two of my neighbours were having a chat in the street when they saw me coming. And what an incentive yet again to see people that you just say "Hello" to telling you that your weight loss is noticeable trying to guess how much I have lost... Just love those kind of things... Just two days ago I was feeling a bit put off and tired of this life style and here we go again with a spirit booster sent my way to cheer me up!

I thank Jesus for everything. For the weight loss. For the light of day. For every breath I take, For the people around me, even if they like me or not. And I know this will be an awesome day! Of course yours will be better! God bless! Ciao for now!

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