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joi, 24 septembrie 2015


Weight: 148.8 kilograms

Waking up at 6:30AM when the calima is in and it is hot as 25 centigrades already is really uncomfortable. And if you add the dusty air the discomfort reaches yet another maximum levels... So the morning walk was a drag. But I managed to finish it somehow...

On my way to weigh myself... I know I had something to eat just before going to bed and I did not do my morning walk yesterday so I would be surprised if there was a significant weight loss. Did not do anything naughty as in food. It is just the simple fact that I did food late at night. Old habits die hard they say. Well, I will kill this one if I have to...

Even the gig last night was difficult because of the heat and the dust. On top of all that I forgot my glasses at home so reading the song titles was rather difficult... And breaking a string on "Proud Mary" was the cherry on top. At least the broken string is my fault. My laziness. I should have changed the strings like two weeks ago maybe. When I bought  the new set... 

But in all that discomfort there was something that made my day. Actually two things made my day yesterday. The first one was a post on Tweeter with a short video taken in Charly Bar while performing the instrumental version of Bryan Adams's "Straight From The Heart". Thank you for that one Melody Whalley.

So the highlight of the day was meeting Sammy King, the guy who wrote "Penny Arcade", song made famous by Roy Orbison. Was good to see Mike Edwards after such a long time. It was actually Mike that brought Mr. King to the Charly Bar so thank you for that!

Cheers! God bless!

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