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miercuri, 23 septembrie 2015


Weight: 148.9 kilograms

No excuses. Totally my fault. Went up 700 grams!!! I spent most of the day in the house yesterday. Doing nothing. Just eating. Not junk food but nevertheless... As I said I have no excuses... 

A bit of a boring day really after the two previous ones... And I don't like the calima. At all. Not because of the heat but because of the dust. So the punishment today will be in having only salads, fish and fruit especially since I did not do my morning walk today.

Went to bed at around half past four in the morning so when the alarm started buzzing at half six I just decided to go back to sleep, knowing that it is going to be a long day today. But I feel guilty. And that is making me smile. It is a good thing that I regret not doing what I was supposed to and straying from the plan. It is yet another lesson. Probably there will be some more until ALL the bad habits from the past will totally be forgotten and the craving will completely disappear. At least that is what I am praying for.

Haven't been to the gym since Friday. Five days all in all, including today but that is according to the plan. Will restart tomorrow. Since as of late my days off are a bit of a drag I have decided to find some more gigs. Anyway my family will be over soon, bringing over my favourite monster who will drag us around all over the island, and that is something I am looking forward to!

Till then I am going to live up to the full potential. So stay cool and rock on everybody! God bless!

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