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luni, 21 septembrie 2015


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You never know what the day brings. I love surprises, don't you? Now there's two types of surprises. I live the nice ones. But yesterday? What a blast! I think that the best surprise is for one to get a present when least expected. And actually that is what happened to me! Must have done something right in my life... Or maybe some people they just don't know me that well...

So I had an awesome day. An awesome Sunday. Truly blessed in the morning at the Costa del Silencio Church and then at the Living Room in Veronica's. So when I left, headed for my gig I was thinking that the highlights of the day have just gone out.

Don't get me wrong. I love music. And most definitely I love and respect my audience. And I think Coconut Joe's is a brilliant place to perform. There I was given my first chance as a musician on this island. And I have learned a few things about competition too (bet that I put a smile on the faces of those who know what I am talking about)...

I was talking over the phone when a gentleman that kinda looked familiar approached me saying: "Are you finished already?"... Or anyway something like that... The man had a big smile on his face and I immediately knew that there was something going on. I have good instincts... I am good with details. I just choose not to show that in order to keep the people around me happy thinking they have fooled me with their act. But that is another story...

To cut the story short I got actually a present. In fairness there were two!!! Wrapped up properly. You know. All the works. And they even had my name on it!!! I could not opened them fast enough! Thank you E.B. Really made a lot of my days! 

So morning walk is finished. Was a bit difficult getting out of bed, but what can I say? A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do... Oh! Not to forget! My meals yesterday included scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, tofu cheese, half a roasted chicken and fruit (orange and plums). I am looking forward to yet another awesome day and I hope that everybody else's will be even better if possible! Ciao for now! God bless!

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