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sâmbătă, 19 septembrie 2015


Weight: ? kilograms

Hope the pharmacy in Costa del Silencio  will be opened today so I could weigh myself as I am not familiar with their schedule. And I don't know any other place where I can weigh myself. The one at the gym is faulty and that does not really help.

Really proud of myself again... Last night I was craving for a pizza. The inner battle went on for a couple of hours. But I did not give in! So mind won over the flesh! Praise the lord! When I woke up this morning I realised how sorry and angry I would have felt with my burning conscience whipping my thoughts...

Well... Saturday... Looking forward to a good day and an awesome weekend! Tonight's gig might be a bit dangerous though... It is a bit embarrassing and flattering at the same time but I will say only this: losing weight will bring some unexpected things. I will take everything as an incentive and use it in a positive way whatever comes my way, whenever it may come.

So have a good day everyone! God bless!

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