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luni, 14 septembrie 2015


Weight: 151.7 kilograms

I did not feel like weighin' myself this morning. My best friend is my best enemy. Talking about the scale. I was fine until I got back home last night. I was really tired. And hungry. Not a good combo. So I got me some tapas. "Para llevar" as they say here. That means take away.

The problem was not the tapas. Problem was the fact that the lady put me a small bread baguette along with that. So I have sinned. Big time! We shall see what the scale tells me anyway... Still being very tired... Maybe I shpuld take the vitamin complex suggested by the guys at the gym... Or maybe it's just a cold coming my way... It is the usual sign for me... 

Although I slept only four hours before, yesterday was a good day. Morning in church. Then decided to just have a siesta before I go to the gig at the Coconut Joe's in Las Americas. Have to decide WHEN and HOW LONG I will be on holidays. Definitely end of October. Can hardly wait. Feeling claustrophobic right now. Need an escape.

Had a couple of unexpected surprises yesterday. Nice ones too! Wrapped in the form of comments on an old video with my band from back home. It is always so heart warming to see that you have not been forgotten over the years and that the people still do remember you, no matter what the reason. And nobody called me "maestro" in a long time... Getting even more home sick now...

Will try and have a relaxing day before the gig tonight. Will still be going at the gym. Pronto. The sooner the better. After that am free to do whatever till evening. This is gonna be a good day. Every day is a good day when we are alive. It means a new chance. New opportunities. Everything new. Love the thought that I dont know really what is coming ahead even though I had it all planned in my head. It is going to be a good day indeed. And I hope that you will have an even better one! Ciao! God bless!

PS: people are asking me about my diet all the time. So here is a link: LCHF DIET.

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