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joi, 10 septembrie 2015


Weight: 151.4 kilograms

There are days and days... But yesterday? Oh! That was an incredible day. Was blessed from morning till night time! It is one of those days when you are you're happiness goes to insane levels. Good thing when you know why though, Otherwise there might be something really wrong...

I do remember that while I was walking to the medical center I was preparing myself for the worst. In my mind I was making the worse case scenarios. This morning as I was doing my fifty minutes walk I was thinking that I am so unfaithful! 

The doctor was not as amazed as I was when she started reading the results... And for the first time she started questioning me in detail about my dieting... The results came in not good. They are actually AMAZING! I would have never expected EVERYTHING to check out. I was sure that my lack of wisdom over the past twenty years must have caused some damage. So I thank the good Lord that he kept me safe and sound. 

What a joy yesterday was! On my way back home I was literally in the mood of jumping around and every person on the street looked like they were my nest friends. But the day was still not finished!

After all that joy I was kinda' not in the best spirits for work. I just wanted to go somewhere and do something else... Of curse that did not happen! And what a reward last evening at the Charly Bar was! Such lovely people! I had a blast! 

It is always a two way street. True I was on fire as they say... And I love it when people ask me if i am American... Simply because my answer is usually a shocker and I love reading the face reaction.

Morning walk done. A bit later will be at the gym. Then I will hit the beach. Again. Day off. I love Tenerife. It is my kind of rock! Cheers everyone and God bless!

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