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luni, 7 septembrie 2015


Weight: 152.7 kilograms

A new week! A new day! A new start! The weight will be a later edit as usual since it is 7:52 AM as I am writing this words and the pharmacy opens at 8:30. Obviously my morning walk is finished and I am so hungry. But I need to wait a bit more.

I can really say that I am proud of myself and I thank the Lord for this mind renewal. Last night I was just about to give in to an old habit of mine: eating late at night. But I didn't! Must admit it was a bit of a fight though. Can't tell a lie. For a few seconds I almost cracked. Was actually on my way to the fridge at some point but somehow I got back.

I am weak but in my weakness my God is making me strong. Am a bit ashamed of myself now. When people are cheering me and telling me nice things as a reward for what I have achieved so far I am taking credit and, for a fraction of a second my heart starts swallowing with pride. But I know all to well that it is not my own strength that is keeping me going.

In fairness, my flesh is telling me to quit every day. There is to much sweat. There is to much physical effort. To much. That is what my sinful flesh is telling me! When I do my morning walks I pass by my door at least twice. And every time I walk pass that door I am thinking that there is a cosy bed waiting for me behind it... And it is not seven yet seven o'clock...

Trust me, this is the answer to prayer. Prayed for it a long time. And here it is. God always fulfils His promises. And He is NEVER late. So I give Him praise for all of this. I promised that whenever people will be cheering me again I will speak about this! 

On Saturday at the Charly Bar and yesterday at the Coconut Joe's actually people were like after I finished a song they really liked when this thing was mentioned. It is totally amazing to see those things happening although my brother in law explained it very clear and simple: it is not that many people that are able to get out of the weight trap. He actually used the word trap.

And it is true. It is a trap. It is an addiction. It starts like a bad habit and before that is fun. But when you wake up is already very difficult to turn the tide. Just imagine that I am still not half way back to what I am supposed to be! Well I am almost half way but I what I am trying to say is that the way back is not easy but is worth every single drop of sweat!

Have good week everyone and stay cool! Ciao!

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