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marți, 1 septembrie 2015


Weight: 153.8 kilograms

There will be no walking rounds in the morning today. For a good reason. But I will redeem myself in the evening. And later I will be going at the gym of course. Am not allowed to drink any water or to eat for yet another 2 hours or so and that is a killer. Whenever I am told not to do something I start feeling like I am aged five and I want to do exactly what I was told not to!

Good workout at the gym yesterday. I was trained by a champion. In fact I can honestly say that the "El Templo" gym is a champions factory! Ivan, the owner and Mr Universe at his category this year (IBFA version) really knows his stuff. He made me sweat loads and I don't regret it a bit. His youngest son, who is around five of age was there, following his father's steps, training... So cute!

And for the first time I could use 50 kilograms weight on some of the machines. Back breaking though. And I still don't like sweating. But there is a goal ahead and I will not quit! No matter what I will achieve this one with God's grace. He took me out this far and He will take me through all this. This strength that I have in doing this is His power not mine. For I have tried to do this in my own power and I miserably failed so I give thanks and praise for all the strength He is giving me!

Planning on going at the beach after that. Yesterday was a bit cloudy and hope this won't be the case today. Need to get some sun and some fresh air. Maybe have a dip in the Atlantic. Definitely will have a dip in the Atlantic.

People started questioning me about my diet and what do I do. I started feeling like an expert on the matter, which I am obviously not. But the fact that they are asking me all those things it is actually a reward in itself because it means that the results started being visible. And that is yet another incentive coming my way...

Got to go now. Have a nice day everyone! God bless!

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