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joi, 17 septembrie 2015


Weight: 150.1 kilograms

Ha! Good job! Must admit that not eating after 6PM is one of the best kept secrets ever! So if I behave, probably tomorrow the 150 barrier will be demolished. Surely hope so. Waiting for a couple of weeks now...

Today waking up was a bit difficult... And the morning walk the same. Can't believe that after almost two months my body still wants to get back to bed after the second and third round... I totally behaved lately so I can hardly wait to break the 150 barrier... Thought I did the other day but that was just a false alarm... But you know me: whenever I am challenged I get better!

As I said I am a relaxed brain. Just realized a few days ago that  this blog is about losing weight and dieting but I never wrote anything about what I eat during the day. So from now on I will try and do that too.

Funny things are happening to me lately. Some of them are a bit of a shocker. Like last night events at the Charly Bar. But how can you not laugh when at 7AM a lady jumps from around the corner chasing a cockroach! And she was really determined to terminate the creature! that was really funny this morning...

I will not say more than that! Skipped the gym so today will do a bit more workout. It is going to be a beautiful day no matter what so enjoy! God bless!

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