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joi, 3 septembrie 2015


Weight: 153.4 kilograms

As I stated so many times, 50% of the work is in the kitchen not at the gym! So I am back on track and that feels awesome. But gaining and losing 1 kilogram per day it does not look good to me. So I think that the gear I was wearing yesterday would have made a plus/minus difference in yesterday's weighing. But I will never know for sure.

I find out something new every day. Like the fact that you are not supposed to have fruit in the afternoon. Or like the fact that five or six hours before going to sleep you are not supposed to eat at all! Anything. If you want to achieve your goals that is. The disturbing news was that a healthy weight loss means losing only half a kilogram per week. But I was assured that if I have my five meals a day I will should be fine,

I have just remembered during my morning walk that I have changed something in my diet. I bought from the gym flavours for the drinking water. I was assured that there is no sugar in it and I am certain that there isn't. But it must have some effects on the body chemistry so it's back to the future: nothing but squeezed lemon in the water.

Nothing much to say today. Apart from the fact that is so very nice to see people that you have not met in a while starting the questioning an paying you compliments for the effort. Yet another reward. I guess the biggest compliment came from my brother in law yesterday. He said - and I quote: "You need to realise that there are not many who are succeeding in coming back from the weight you were carrying aroun"... Never thought about it that way... 

Anyway... Will keep myself as busy as possible apart from the daily routine which is going at the gym... Yesterday was good and has flown away but today is awesome cause it brings new opportunities... And I don't lack ideas if you know what I mean... Cheers!

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