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vineri, 18 decembrie 2015


Weight: 136.0 kilograms

My goal is to be under 130 kilograms by the end of the year. But I put everything in danger with the peanut butter. Ha! A birthday treat I guess... Along with "El Cordero" of course. Over the last ten days went there twice!

Had a nice and quiet birthday. Love all the presents and the cards I got! Was really a nice day. Did not plan any party and I just tried to pretend that it was an ordinary day... Did not quite succeed in hiding though... And what is with that Facebook fuss anyway?!!

I deactivated the Facebook for a day. Again. And people went crazy. "Have you blocked me?"... Makes me laugh. Chill guys. A day without Facebook does not mean I love you less. Just wanted a change that is all.

Christmas is around the corner. Planning a road trip to my favourite place on the rock for the day. The views on the road to Taganana are absolutely breath taking! And a day spent like that will be absolutely awesome!

Stay healthy everyone! God bless! Ciao for now!

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