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luni, 14 decembrie 2015


Weight: 135.9 kilograms

Finally! It took a bit of a push but here we go again! So it seems at least... The 137 barrier has been broken down so the next goal is changing the dial to 12x... I have not had that weight in like fifteen or twenty years... Feels like I am going back in time!

It has been quite a long week. A week full of events. And this month I won't have a rest at all. It will be work, work, work! Can't believe that I won't be having any days off at all... But I love my job so I will be going at the office gladly. Every day! Never suspected when 2015 has started that I will be under 130 kilograms by the end of it.

People who have not seen me since last year keep cheering me up. Apparently now I look "more professional". Ha ha ha! I loved that one. Wondering what that means... I mean I know what they are trying to say but I never agreed to the idea that in art looks are more important than expression but while I was writing this sentence I realised that the visual has also an impact.

I still refuse to use that but now Christmas is around the corner so a suit and a tie won't hurt me. I am thinking however of some stage gear. Very difficult though. On this rock many say they can do a lot of stuff, will take your money but they won't deliver. And I have the proof of that in my house.

So here's to losing weight! Stay cool and rock on everyone! God bless!

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