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vineri, 4 decembrie 2015


Weight: 137.7 kilograms

This is all soooo annoying! And they say that 7 is a lucky number!!! No matter what I'll be doing my stuff starting tomorrow. Maybe it is time to get back to the morning walks. I don't think it will have to be that early in the morning because it is a bit chilly but tomorrow I will give it a go and see if it is ok...

Quiet and relaxing day yesterday. Everything seems to be coming back to normal again which is pretty awesome. Nevermind the next couple of days! lots of things to do. Lot of preparing. And I hate doing stuff like laqundry, cleaning the house and all that... I like my place being clean and tidy.

But I don't really like the place I am living. never did. It always was a good arrangement. So soon will move house. Where to? No idea! And that is what makes the beginning of the new year coming so exciting. And annoying at the same time. I am a creature of habit. But in spite of the fact that I don't like change it feels like I need one. Besides that I adjust rapidly so... Thing is there will be many changes. Big ones. Hope will cope with all that...

Gotta go. See ya tomorrow. Stay cool and rock on people! God bless!

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