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miercuri, 2 decembrie 2015


Weight: 137.5

Went up again and this is becoming quite annoying. I just had yoghurt and an apple after the gig, late in the evening last night and that's what killed the whole day. I knew that from some point getting rid of the weight will start being slower anyway. But there is the goal of breaking yet and only thinking about the scale showing 12... it is really exciting!

Washed my car yesterday and guess what?!! We had rain in Las Galletas! Most unusual weather this year is all I can say. Had a good day all in all though. And things are happening and they are happening fast! And that makes me believe that the future looks awesome. There's a few chapters being left behind and new chapters opening and I can't wait for the new adventures God has installed for me so I am full of hope!

Here is to yet another day! A bright and sunny day! It is already a beautiful morning. And everything is awesome because as long as we are alive there is no problem that we can not solve! So stay cool and God bless!

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