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marți, 1 decembrie 2015


Weight: 137.3 kilograms

This is really weird now. It is like my weight is dancing around the 137 scale. Techno dance. And it is not in grams that the groove is given but in kilograms. First I go 1.8 up. Then I go 1.2 kilograms down... It is kinda funny and worrying at the same time...

Anyway, there's things other things about to happen. December 2015 might be a milestone for me. There is going to be changes. More than I expected. And they are all exciting. Always is when God starts working in your life. I should have learned by now that with God whatever seems like a set back at first is actually a significant step forward.

It is Romania's National Day today. Christmas is around the corner. And in between will be some more exciting news. Not quite a secret any more. Just kept it as a secret over the past couple of weeks or so. If everything works out this will be the best Christmas present ever! Yaaay!

So stay cool everyone! God bless! Don't worry! Be Happy!

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