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luni, 3 martie 2014


My name is Cristian Romulus Irinoiu. I was born on December 16th 1968 in Timisoara, Romania and I have fought against the socialist doctrine and it's communist regime ever since December 1989, when I have seen people killed beside me by a doctrine that, seems to me, it is trying to take over the world again... This is my story. Translation on the right bar of the blog. 

Over the past twentyfour years, almost without notice Romania was a silent battlefield and still is today. The Romanian people are fighting for their own survival... Not only that the communists did not go away in 1989, they are very well thank you, and they produced prodigies or disciples to continue undermining the Romanian state while abroad they would picture the Romanians as an undeveloped nation, with no morals, implying that the Romanians are gypsies as a decoy, whilst they teach their own in Russia that the Romanians have slavic origins and Romania was once part Russia, which is not even CLOSE to the truth...

Seeing the images from Kiev brought back memories. Me, and most of the people from my hometown, we had the same experience in 1989. People killed, just because they wanted the freedom of speech, the freedom of choosing their path as a nation and democracy. And as same as always, the socialists (or the communists how they were called in those days), used what they are trained to use: VIOLENCE and MURDER.

One should know that everywhere in the world the socialists are using the same weapons trying to kill the democracy. Using the minorities and the "politically correct" against the majority, allowing immigration from countries where the anti-western democracy is highly targeted by the bolshevik like propaganda, such as the muslim world or Africa, people who would vote for their benefactors, and who would change the odds in favours of the socialists.

But make no mistake! When the time comes, the socialists will seize TOTAL power and then the DICTATORSHIP beggins! A reign of terror that the western civilisation is not used to and does not know how to fight it, so it will be taken by surprise, and that surprise can be so big that might put a whole nation in shock, and paralise any attempt of fighting back...

As an eyewitness to the bloody events that occured in Romania in that December of 1989, I started (and never stopped) gathering evidence about those who, since then, either continued the socialist line or embraced the ideology in Romania.

The actual communists never went away from power in 1989. Not from Romania and definitely not from the Eastern block, In fact today it looks more likely that the Soviets pulled back strategically, leaving behind whole networks of  people loyal to them. Those people, like in Romania, are in high pollitical ranks, not only in their own countries but in the European Parliament, NATO, so on and so forth... 

In Romania for example, there was just a violent change: the young socialist wolfs against the old ones. The Romanian people are paying even today because of what Iliescu Ion and his henchmen did over the last 24 years. They are all in the USL have a strong grip on the economy, own more than 70% of the significant media in Romania. They need to pay for what they did according to the law. They are all in the USL (Socialist Liberal Union) and they are trying to bring Romania back on it's knees after Mr. President Traian Basescu finally managed to achieve one of the most important goals: the independence of the Justice. Since they are either convicted fellons either under investigation or suspected to be involved in crimes, their goal is to protect themselves. 

All the bruhaha coming from people who don't really know who they are dealing with or know but have their own petty personal interests is to be disregarded therefore... I have gathered evidence through the years and major political figures of the USL (Socialist Liberal Union, which consists of three parties: PSD, PNL and PC) are involved, convicted or suspected in major crimes and murder even.

But, in 2010, after I saw the ex-socialist/communist President of Romania, Ion Iliescu, first in line after Nicolae Ceausescu, saying that there is a PLAN for reviving the socialism over the next FIFTY YEARS, knowing that this guy, not even Romanian entirely, is tied up genetically to the Kremlin, I started looking a bit closer to what is really hapenning all over the world, I realised that the plan he was talking about is really in motion as you read those lines.

Strangely enough, if one would be curious to compare the situation in Romania with the situation in Ukraine (previous to the riots and violence) could not help but identify a pattern. And if there is a pattern, there must be a link. And the link is Putin's Kremlin, there is no doubt in my mind. Why? Some of the reasons are in the past. In history. And if we don't learn, the history will repeat itself!



Those who defend the SOCIALISM present the symptoms that a former KGB high ranked officer presented in this video... Since the mid '70s all the major western nations were targeted. You could see the results if you look at facts and compare one year to the previous.

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