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luni, 31 august 2015


Weight: 153.8 kilograms

Self quote:
All that is happening in life it is our fault. We all act according to our wisdom. In wisdom there is also room for upgrade. But everything that happens in my life it is my fault.

It's been two days since I last weighed myself so I can hardly wait to see what the scale is telling me. I overdid it a bit yesterday at lunch time. With some cheese. A bit to salty but tasted so good. Problem is that salt detains water... Oh, and I have sinned totally by doing a quarter of a baguette which I should not have done... But nothing else than that...

All I could think about yesterday was how I wish I could teleport myself to Skiathos, Greece, after I got some pictures from my sister and my niece! Looks amazing! Oh well, the family reunion is about to take place and we have a whole month to spend together! Can hardly wait!

Did my morning rounds. Thought they were getting shorter but they are pretty much with the same timing: 50 minutes. Since I am not sweating it as much as when I started, probably I need to pick up in speed. Just thinking about it makes me feel tired! That means I am being challenged! And when challenged I get better!

The tide must have been very high during the night 'cause the waves have thrown a lot of rocks and sand on the seafront, which kinda' affected my route this morning... I still can't get used to the noise people do that early in the morning... I don't think it is the talking in itself. I think is the volume levels they seem to need to exchange thoughts that early...

A good day yesterday. Very good indeed. Costa del Silencio church in the morning, Living room in the afternoon where, after thirty years of studying the Bible I realised that in the first days of the church there was no New Testament. Just the testimonies of the eye witnesses!!! I guess that is why the Bible is called "the living word". You would read the same part over the years and you would never stop learning new things...

Coconut Joe's in the evening! Started the gig with only two tables! What an awesome feeling to see the place buzzing just half an hour later! Wish I could understand the next door neighbors though... Playing the music way to loud it is not what I would call competition...

Big day ahead tomorrow morning. A bit nervous about it but am confident that all will be well. But 'till then there still is TODAY! So let's make the best of it! Ciao! God bless!

duminică, 30 august 2015



Weight: ? kilograms

Sunday again, so no weighing today. Anyway behaving myself is slowly becoming my second nature. Never thought this could happen. it actually makes me laugh!

Need to remember that on Saturdays the gym is opened only till two in the afternoon. Missed it yesterday! Not very happy with that, but last night at the Charly Bar totally made my day!

Was a lot of fun, although at first I was wondering where are the people, as we started we just a few tables. But one hour later the place was on it's usual busy mode, buzzing with noisy and happy people... So it seemed...

A couple of things stood out, and I am sometimes "on fire" as they say... Sometimes even I wonder how do I get away with it... So there's an older couple wearing matching Elvis T-shirts and the gentleman comes and asks me for some Bruce Springsteen! I thought that was funny and I go saying that on the mike finishing by labeling them: "Weirdos!"...

A young couple that just got married a while ago was given a house as a presented on my mike at Charly's yesterday, and could not help myself and asked: "Now that they are all set, would you care to adopt me?"...

As they were leaving the bar I asked a lady and her daughter where are they going and the answer was "We're tired, we're of to bed". They shouldn't have said that! And immediately after that a lady who was with her husband and daughter she asked me about "Hotel California" and I go: we don't have any hotel by that name here... 

Thank you Tracy, Rachel and Rick for the lovely pics! best regards to your families! See you guys in October hopefully!

Did my morning rounds, have to prepare for church now! Time to give thanks to the Lord for everything that I have and I am! See ya soon! God bless!

sâmbătă, 29 august 2015


Weight: ? kilograms

Full day yesterday. Absolutely full. Everything as planned. One thing that stood out though is the fact that a song that I have been practising lately has started to come out right both on guitar and vocals. I thought I will never nail it but it seems that I am not really aware of the things I can do with my voice, as I was once told by a famous musician from back home...

Did my morning walk today in two rounds this morning... Have to give it another look into the timing as it seems that I am walking faster which means less time. Will check that one tomorrow morning.

Weekend. Everything on it's way. Are you ready for it? I sure am! Rock'n'roll baby! Ciao! God bless!

PS: the pictures were taken last year inA place called Smartfit... It is the gym next to my parents apartment and that is where I'll be going when on holidays, which is sooon!

vineri, 28 august 2015



Weight: ? kilograms

This challenge was started in February and is part of a bigger plan as I said it so many times before. But every plan needs adjustment from time to time. So I have to change some things and brake a few promises that I have made maybe. Not only to myself but to others and that is so not me! But a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do...

I have learned long time ago that no matter how many times you prove yourself people will hold one tiny thing that you do differently against you. I have learned that that is actually happening because of their lack of trust or because they never truly believe in who you are. 

But most importantly, I have learned that time is on my side and that in time they will realize that one thing done differently to what they are used to does not change who I am really... My long time friends or family would tell anyone that I am in fact an endagered species. I present myself as I am, which does not always work in my favour. That is not in fashion anymore as people usually go more for what they want to hear and see than for the reality. But I couldn't and wouldn't act in any other way.

So I started this blog 30 days ago. Seems like ages. What is the result it is very interesting though. Not less then 10 (ten!!!) kilograms lost! Wow! If I keep it up like that in six months I would be at the normal weight! But the process will be slowing down so I would say that everything will be fine in a bit more time than that...

The other thing is I had to poke 7 (seven!!!) ho
les in my belts and I still only have two holes left. Awesome! Only problem is that now I need to go shpping for trousers, shorts and T-shirts but that will be fun!

Funny thing happened yesterday at the pharmacy. One of the ladies working there kinda' noticed that I am there every morning weighing myself. She would always smile and say "Hola!" but yesterday she changed her routine by asking me: "How is it going?" with a smile on her face. So I had to answer... 

Her jaw totally dropped on the floor when I told her that I have lost thirty-five kilograms since February! When she recovered from the initial shock she asked me if it is diet or walking, and I explained how the things are today for me: combination of diet, walking and gym... But the look on her face when I said how much weight I lost I will remember for a long time! 

Totally behaved food wise yesterday. Went to the gym, and then had a bit of a lazy afternoon. Today is going to be different though... Although it looks like another day off there are loads of things to do for me... So ciao for now!

joi, 27 august 2015


Weight: 154.5 kilograms

Forgot to mention another "for the first time in years". And I was truly excited about this one! As I was sitting on the couch I could put one leg above the other!

I know that to many of you this looks silly but it is actually an achievement as it is the fact that I can tie my shoe lases without having to sit down somewhere, which is another awesome thing!

Just realized that everything that I have been doing over the past months is slowly changing my lifestyle. Not only in terms of the daily routine but in so many other ways. Basically everything is changing. Feels like I was in a dream and now I am just waking up...

A good day yesterday. As easy as they get. Definitely gym is not my thing, no matter how much I am trying to persuade myself into it. So the only thing that is left is to push myself while I am there so i could get the results as planned.

Planning... I was re-reading about the 4 types of temperament theory it was still a bit of a surprise to me although I knew most of the part. One of them includes the planning...I am definitely the CHOLERIC type of temperament:

"The choleric temperament is traditionally associated with fire. People with this temperament tend to be egocentric and extroverted. They may be excitable, impulsive, and restless, with reserves of aggression, energy, and/or passion, and try to instill that in others.

They tend to be task-oriented people and are focused on getting a job done efficiently; their motto is usually "do it now." They can be ambitious, strong-willed and like to be in charge. They can show leadership, are good at planning, and are often practical and solution-oriented. They appreciate receiving respect and esteem for their work.

Pedagogically, they can be best reached through mutual respect and appropriate challenges that recognize their capacities".

I totally behaved yesterday. Consistent breakfast than mostly fruit for lunch and dinner. It does not feel like I have lost a lot of weight though. In a few minutes I will get the result of that.

The fun part is that next week I'll have to go shopping. My trousers are becoming more like tent material as of late... Or maybe I should wait a bit longer and shop a bit more, for the more weight I lose the more chances to find gear that I really like... 

Day off today! So I will make the best of it! Ciao!

miercuri, 26 august 2015


Weight: 155.0 kilograms

Not going to make up any excuses. Don't know how many lessons in "don't eat late in the evening I need to get before I would learn once in for all... I had a couple of wurst, two boiled eggs, some yogurt by Lidl, and I gained 400 grams! It is back to the future baby! Today will be breakfast and then fruits only!

A very full and fruitful day yesterday. many "for the first time" in years! For one, yesterday at the gym I could tell for the first time in years that I started really enjoying what I see!

Was a lovely walk yesterday morning. Apart from the machinery cleaning the streets and the three ladies that were doing their walk too but while doing it they were having a really loud casual chat... 7 o'clock in the morning!!! Now, when I think of it it's actually really funny...

For the first time in years I started enjoying the workout at the gym. And that is really something! The weights I can lift are getting heavier but I must admit that I have to work even harder. The last lift is the one that counts. I have learned that many years ago, when I first started going at the gym... But I still am avoiding that kind of pain so I need to loose that...

The highlight of the day was lunch. Homemade salad. Mediterranean style. I tell you that you that whenever I go to visit Bill and Irene Bruce I am always amazed in so many ways. The man is an absolutely brilliant chef. And both of them they are not only good Christians but are always making me feel welcomed. Beautiful hosts they are indeed!

Had a glass of wine with an unforgettable flavour that took me straight back home in my childhood days... Not because I was drinking wine when I was a child, but because a part of the flavour reminded me of a cold drink, home made from the flowers of a particular tree...

The wine was made with grapes from Vilaflor and I do recommend it. However one should never forget that the word of God clearly states this:

"Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise".
Proverbs 20:1

Let's see what today brings! Ciao! God bless!

marți, 25 august 2015


Weight: 154.6 Kilograms

Already used to this. Not to say it is easy... Just used to this. I will say this once again: 70% of the work is being done in the kitchen! Only the rest is at the gym plus walking... Can't believe I have been treating my body in the wrong way for more then twenty years!!!

Not much to say about yesterday. Can't even remember how I spent it apart from the evening at Coconut Joe's last night. Was a good gig. People that are coming to visit the island now are more into the rocky stuff...

I went to the gym in the morning but I did not workout as I should, maybe just by the end of my hour there. The one thing that stands out though is the fact that I did have my three meals for the day, but the lunch and dinner consisted of fruits.

In about 20 minutes I am going to weigh myself and i kinda like expect a nice surprise because of that. Well... We shall see!

I am having a day off today. I will enjoy it and I wish that everybody has an even better one! Ciao!

luni, 24 august 2015


Weight: 155.4 kilograms

Well... I'd say that is a nice reward for good behaviour!  1.1 kilos in two days it is a good result, and the fact that the process is slowing down it is actually a very good sign! Yet another incentive today! Love it!

Just read something very interesting in my Bible study this morning... It applies for what I am doing but also is a reminder that whatever people plan if it is not of God it will fail miserably, and will be revealed, stopped or annihilated even, according to His will absolutely perfect timing!
"For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail".
Acts 5:38
Same routine this morning. Morning walk was done. I thank God that the fiesta is over. Now I can rest better over night... 
Sundays are always the longest and most fruitful days. Had a great time in the morning  in church, then just had lunch before more worship time at The Living Room which was absolutely amazing!
Preparing for the gym now, which means I will have to fix breakfast. Vegetables this morning. I need to find means to extend my menu. And by that I don't mean only the morning protein shakes...
Here's to a brand new day and a brand new week! God bless!

duminică, 23 august 2015


Weight: ? kilograms

No weighing on a Sunday and that's that. I totally behaved yesterday so I wish I knew...

Anyway... Not much to say about yesterday... Really short time at the gym as I forgot they were closing at 2:00PM. Ten minutes is not enough but it is more than nothing. 

Had an absolutely great evening last night at the Charly Bar... Made some new friends and met some old ones. But I am really happy that friends back in the UK who witnessed the plane crash at Shoreham, Sussex yesterday are all safe...

For some reason lately my biggest fans are around age four. Yesterday it was actually two and four. They say that children have good instincts. Wish I was that easy in the adult world too...

My 50 minutes walking are done. Woke up at six and, apart from all the trash that has been left from the last night's fiesta I enjoyed the really cool breeze.

It is about time to start the day. Have a good one everyone!

sâmbătă, 22 august 2015

ME WITHOUT YOU / EU FARA TINE (fragment by/de Adrian Paunescu)

Me Without You

And suddenly I understood that without you
Neither I in all my mind I'm not,
To run from here and then come back I want,
'Cause I can't find my place on Earth.

So you've gone swiftly in the bloodstream,
So much you live in my own self,
That even if I'd get a scratch I'd cry,
Fearing that in the drops I would be losing you somehow.


And suddenly I understood that without you,
I myself can't die and rise again,
Although I was born, as you know well,
To defend you, even against yourself...

Eu fara tine

Si brusc am inteles ca fara tine
Nici eu in toate mintile nu sunt,
Sa fug si sa ma-ntorc aici imi vine,
Sa nu-mi mai aflu locul pe pamant.

Atat de grabnic mi-ai intrat in sange,
Atat de mult traiesti in sinea mea,
Incat si zgariindu-ma as plange,
Temandu-ma ca-n stropi te pierd cumva.


Si brusc am inteles ca fara tine,
Eu insumi mor si nu pot invia,
Desi am fost nascut, cum stii prea bine,
Ca sa te apar si-mpotriva ta...


WEIGHT: 156.5 kilograms

Well I still lost half a kilo after being naughty last night! Not that naughty actually, but still... So I am really pleased today!

Just got back to the house after finishing my 50 minutes morning walk. Was a really painful night as the fiesta went on 'till around four o'clock this morning. In fact there were crowd leftovers even while I was going round Las galletas. Few and scatered...

Yesterday morning was a full day around the house, doing things... Of course I locked myself out of the house again. This happens every two or three weeks so that is no surprise...

After the practice in church I went to the gym. Was surprised to find out that if I want to burn the fat it is actually better to workout in the morning. Working out in the afternoon is more recommended for the muscular bulking and since I am not at that point (yet) it is wise to do things in the morning.

The monitor was on my case yesterday. I went there pretty late, around 7:00 PM and I was quite tired so at first the things were not going good... Then he decided to help me out with the training by raising his voice to the "SHOUT" mode... Also helped me out with doing more weight on the last round. I think this was the best gym session so far. Let all the steam out...

I did not really want to go home after the gym as I knew that there will be noise and lots of loud people around the house and beneath my windows so I decided to surprise some friends with a visit... Eventually I had to go home and face all the things.

At half past two in the morning I was still very much awake, the music was loud... And the hunger stroke... Had only vegetables and a couple of apples yesterday and was really looking forward to another kilogram loss, but the hunger took over so I went out and bought some "carne fiesta"... Fieasta meat.

But the naughty part is that I had some bread in the takeaway pack. I know it was not much but o shouldn't have done it. I did and I will probably face the consequence. The scale is merciless. And it tells the truth.

As I slept only two and a half hours I am already tired... But I have a long day ahead of me. I will try and get some rest in the afternoon after all the things are done. Hope that today I am going to find some strings for Snowhite as yesterday that was not possible...

Saturday. Have a nice weekend everybody!

vineri, 21 august 2015



WEIGHT: 156.9 Kilograms

Would you believe me if I would say that I was left without water last night? Drinking water I mean. How annoying is to park the car, go home, do another two rounds of Las Galletas around midnight, and, just when you think your day is done and it is chillin' time, you have to go out the door again to buy water! To make it more fun the only 24 hours supermarket is in the next village!!! What can I say? I am a relaxed brain, always on screensaver mode!

I know that most of the time it looks like I am not listening. But that is not true in fact. I always do. However I will admit that I have a FILTER. So sometimes things I hear go straight to the bin, sometimes they go to the bin after I process the ideas that came my way, and sometimes I used them  to my personal benefit, or to share it with others... A friend just gave me the idea of puting all those things on my personal blog just with a short and brief remark, so as of today the Diary Countdown will be placed here too!

It is always nice to socialize. But I realized yesterday that is also terribly dangerous when you are dieting as I was invited to a barbeque last night. Lovely hosts and awesome companionship. And the way the food was displayed was an absolute torture!

I tried to take my mind off of all that doing different things. Of course, burgers were out of the question. So I had skewers (well, just one stick), a small sausage, some chicken and salad. Even when I read what I wrote I feel it is to much but I won't know that for sure until I get on the scale... I fear the worst (it is just a figure of speech you know) as i had some fruit to before going to bed...

Knowing that I did what I did I have decided to do two more walking rounds in the middle of the night. What was thought was done! As there is a fiesta in the village I had to go pass all those annoyingly loud people! Actually they were annoying because they were having all sorts of junk-food and drinking all the fizzy drinks I used to do up until not so long ago!

I have been part of a sad event yesterday evening. A lady that I did not know that well, Jackie Porter, has recently passed away and a memorial service was held at the Costa Silencio Church. One thing stuck with me: there was this guy called Geordie, Jackie's friend for more than twenty years. The words he used to describe how he felt about her and how she made him feel will always be banging in my head... We always learn. And I mean ALWAYS. 

Did my rounds this morning so off I go to weigh myself. By the time you are reading this line you already know the outcome of that so here's a cheer for a new day! Don't forget to put the Lord in everything you do, I know many of you don't believe in God, but His love is amazing and His grace is for free. All you need to do is believe and ask and the things you need will be coming your way...


Diary countdown: day 360
Weight: 160.9 kilograms
That is 1.3 kilograms in only two days!!! Yessss! Started with 189 kilos in February and was 174 about three weeks ago... I guess having an apple and two glasses of water with squeezed lemon for dinner is the best thing to do ever!
Just about to brake another barrier... The 160 barrier. Not miles per hour. Kilograms! :) Am happy indeed.
So here are the updates... Woke up 6:30. Looked like a bit to late today when I realized on the last part of my power walking around the village that when people and cars start moving around it gets a bit annoying for me... But that is just on the last ten minutes or so... I walked for only half hour which means I will soon have to take another round so I could complete the daily 45 minutes. Don't know if I am faster or just did not calculate accurately my timing before. One thing is for sure: I start speeding up when I feel I am getting tired!
Here's some funny stuff: whenever I go pass my door after the first round of my morning walk, my lazy body tells me to stop. To quit! Well, it is not happening! Telling me to quit is exactly what no one should do! It so happens I love a good challenge. I always go better when challenged. And I mean ALWAYS! As well, the shorts I bought on eBay from Australia last year, that were really tight on me, feel like they are loose and falling off... Soon enough I might donate my gear for a tent factory or something... :)
Minor setback yesterday as I had yet another insulin level drop in the afternoon. It was an awesome day though! Had a great time worshipping God and listening to the word at Costa del Silencio Christian Church and then even more worship in the evening at The Living Room, Tenerife.
More good things started to show up. For one I was told yesterday that I am so disciplined! So nice to hear that, knowing that I really am not! I am just pushing myself. And actually nothing that I am doing is not in my own power but by the grace of God.
I have been trying to do this thing over the last two years and there were always hick-ups on the path. Now it looks like a natural thing! I can count another three good things that I have noticed happening lately... Although I woke up really early yesterday, after having a very busy day I was still feeling energetic during my gig at the Coconut Joe's!
In fact I felt like jumping around with Gretschen in my hands. Of course I did not! For some strange reason whenever I do that people are in the air when I am on the floor so... But I was more energetic moving around easily without sweating that much, which is yet again AWESOOOOME!
Another thing is I can take a cold shower in the morning without any problems whatsoever. But the best part ever is that I no more linger for thirty minutes to half an hour on the side of the bed after I wake up, a thing that I used to do for many years. It was like an old computer starting: slow and on screen-saver mode...
I give thanks to the Lord who has inflicted this, strengthened and empowered me to keep going, against the cravings of the flesh. Was praying on it for a long time and this is part of being born again, because the biggest battle we have to fight is with our own selves after all...
PS: there are few words from the worlds greatest bodybuilder of all times. The first man who ever exceeded the biceps perimeter above half a meter: Arnold Schwarzennegger. I love the part when he talks about what Cassius Clay said: "I start counting only when it hurts". I have seen first Arnold in a book about bodybuilding long time ago, in my teenage days, and it was because of him that I started bodybuilding in my twenties. But something has happened along the way. I set other goals which at the time I thought are far more important. I stopped doing it and the consequences of letting myself slip away are to be seen today. But no more!

Diary countdown
Day: 363
Weight: 162.9
There's a link below to see how to start the LCHF. The fun part about this one is that you can eat without having to count the calories. So after a couple of weeks with incredible results I seem to be at a halt. It is not actually. This is not my first attempt. I started this fight more then two years ago and I know for a fact that sometimes the weight loss stops. Apart from that I was already warned yesterday that the ideal would be for me to lose around 1 kilogram per WEEK so I am not troubled with that...
Getting an appointment with the doctors is a difficult an slow process here if you're asking me... Spent almost 45 minutes yesterday afternoon just standing in line. When my turn came I just could not do it because I was missing a paper (I know for a fact that they can find you in the system if they want, but whatever)...
And a suspicion has risen about the side effects I was having.
Apparently everything, including lack of focus, being fussy or blurred vision is linked to the THYROID gland... Wonder why I was NEVER asked to do a check on that one. I mean I have friends and family that are doctors and they told me, but when doing the checks it was not mentioned. At least not that I recall it. Oh well... It is just a suspicion. Nothing that can't be handled though which is the good news!

Diary countdown: day 364.
Weight: 163Kg
Did not know but what I have been doing over the last month it is a actually a LCHF (Low Carbohydrates High Fat) diet. Every kilogram lost it is a victory. What am I saying? Every 100 grams lost in the process is a victory! So today I am not that happy about it since I have not gone under as expected... It is very difficult though. I started suspecting a couple of weeks ago that there are some side effects (tired, fussy, headaches, sleeping less, lack of focus - had two minor car accidents and almost caused a massive one, all in a week's time, after there was none in years! Even during the gigs strange things as becoming dizzy have happened). I need to put those things under control and am praying on it but I just got some confirmation today from Leigh Scott's blog that nothing is incidental. She is a personal trainer and she really knows her stuff so I highly recommend it! On another note, apparently I would have to make an appointment with the doctorswhich I will do later on today... Can hardly wait to go under 160 kilos and start going to the gym again!

Diary countdown. Day: 365
Will start this diary just so I would remember where I was today.
To remember that no matter what I do I can do better. There is always more.
One might think that this is me being strong. It is not.
It is only by the grace of God I will be able to do this.And the power of the Gospel:
"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and SELF-CONTROL. Against such things there is no law".
Galatians 5:22-23
Of course I do not agree with some of the strong words that Arnold uses in the video below. But I totally agree with the general idea. So here we go.
My rules:
1. Trust yourself but trust God more
2. Brake some rules (not the law, the rules!)
3. Don't be afraid to fail
4. Ignore the naysayers
5. Work harder
6. Give something back
7. Look at the 6 rules above. You can do better.

sâmbătă, 8 august 2015



A red tear
Stained by a broken heart
Has seeped
Without anyone to see ...
Another sky was extinguished
There are no more stars...
And hope is shivering,
Frail and barren...

I am still mortal...
And though you see
Or hear me,
I am not here...
I surrendered to a flower.
So I am away...
Shackled by longing...

And if this is not love
Then how does love look like?
I wonder...
From evening till dawn,
When yet another sky is estinguished
And there are no stars,
While another red tear,
Without anyone to see,
Trickles down to the floor...


O lacrima rosie
Patata de inima zdrobita
S-a prelins
Fara ca nimeni sa o vada...
Un cer s-a mai stins
Iar stele nu-s
Speranta tremura
Firava si stearpa...

Sunt tot muritor
Si chiar de ma vezi
Sau ma auzi
Eu nu sunt aici
M-am predat unei flori.
Am plecat...
De bunavoie.
Incatusat de un dor...

Si daca nu e dragoste
Atunci cum arata chipul ei?
Ma intreb...
Din seara si pana in zori
Cand un cer se mai stinge
Si stele nu-s
Iar o lacrima rosie
Din nou,
Spre podea se prelinge...