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vineri, 21 august 2015


WEIGHT: 156.9 Kilograms

Would you believe me if I would say that I was left without water last night? Drinking water I mean. How annoying is to park the car, go home, do another two rounds of Las Galletas around midnight, and, just when you think your day is done and it is chillin' time, you have to go out the door again to buy water! To make it more fun the only 24 hours supermarket is in the next village!!! What can I say? I am a relaxed brain, always on screensaver mode!

I know that most of the time it looks like I am not listening. But that is not true in fact. I always do. However I will admit that I have a FILTER. So sometimes things I hear go straight to the bin, sometimes they go to the bin after I process the ideas that came my way, and sometimes I used them  to my personal benefit, or to share it with others... A friend just gave me the idea of puting all those things on my personal blog just with a short and brief remark, so as of today the Diary Countdown will be placed here too!

It is always nice to socialize. But I realized yesterday that is also terribly dangerous when you are dieting as I was invited to a barbeque last night. Lovely hosts and awesome companionship. And the way the food was displayed was an absolute torture!

I tried to take my mind off of all that doing different things. Of course, burgers were out of the question. So I had skewers (well, just one stick), a small sausage, some chicken and salad. Even when I read what I wrote I feel it is to much but I won't know that for sure until I get on the scale... I fear the worst (it is just a figure of speech you know) as i had some fruit to before going to bed...

Knowing that I did what I did I have decided to do two more walking rounds in the middle of the night. What was thought was done! As there is a fiesta in the village I had to go pass all those annoyingly loud people! Actually they were annoying because they were having all sorts of junk-food and drinking all the fizzy drinks I used to do up until not so long ago!

I have been part of a sad event yesterday evening. A lady that I did not know that well, Jackie Porter, has recently passed away and a memorial service was held at the Costa Silencio Church. One thing stuck with me: there was this guy called Geordie, Jackie's friend for more than twenty years. The words he used to describe how he felt about her and how she made him feel will always be banging in my head... We always learn. And I mean ALWAYS. 

Did my rounds this morning so off I go to weigh myself. By the time you are reading this line you already know the outcome of that so here's a cheer for a new day! Don't forget to put the Lord in everything you do, I know many of you don't believe in God, but His love is amazing and His grace is for free. All you need to do is believe and ask and the things you need will be coming your way...

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