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luni, 31 august 2015


Weight: 153.8 kilograms

Self quote:
All that is happening in life it is our fault. We all act according to our wisdom. In wisdom there is also room for upgrade. But everything that happens in my life it is my fault.

It's been two days since I last weighed myself so I can hardly wait to see what the scale is telling me. I overdid it a bit yesterday at lunch time. With some cheese. A bit to salty but tasted so good. Problem is that salt detains water... Oh, and I have sinned totally by doing a quarter of a baguette which I should not have done... But nothing else than that...

All I could think about yesterday was how I wish I could teleport myself to Skiathos, Greece, after I got some pictures from my sister and my niece! Looks amazing! Oh well, the family reunion is about to take place and we have a whole month to spend together! Can hardly wait!

Did my morning rounds. Thought they were getting shorter but they are pretty much with the same timing: 50 minutes. Since I am not sweating it as much as when I started, probably I need to pick up in speed. Just thinking about it makes me feel tired! That means I am being challenged! And when challenged I get better!

The tide must have been very high during the night 'cause the waves have thrown a lot of rocks and sand on the seafront, which kinda' affected my route this morning... I still can't get used to the noise people do that early in the morning... I don't think it is the talking in itself. I think is the volume levels they seem to need to exchange thoughts that early...

A good day yesterday. Very good indeed. Costa del Silencio church in the morning, Living room in the afternoon where, after thirty years of studying the Bible I realised that in the first days of the church there was no New Testament. Just the testimonies of the eye witnesses!!! I guess that is why the Bible is called "the living word". You would read the same part over the years and you would never stop learning new things...

Coconut Joe's in the evening! Started the gig with only two tables! What an awesome feeling to see the place buzzing just half an hour later! Wish I could understand the next door neighbors though... Playing the music way to loud it is not what I would call competition...

Big day ahead tomorrow morning. A bit nervous about it but am confident that all will be well. But 'till then there still is TODAY! So let's make the best of it! Ciao! God bless!

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