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duminică, 30 august 2015



Weight: ? kilograms

Sunday again, so no weighing today. Anyway behaving myself is slowly becoming my second nature. Never thought this could happen. it actually makes me laugh!

Need to remember that on Saturdays the gym is opened only till two in the afternoon. Missed it yesterday! Not very happy with that, but last night at the Charly Bar totally made my day!

Was a lot of fun, although at first I was wondering where are the people, as we started we just a few tables. But one hour later the place was on it's usual busy mode, buzzing with noisy and happy people... So it seemed...

A couple of things stood out, and I am sometimes "on fire" as they say... Sometimes even I wonder how do I get away with it... So there's an older couple wearing matching Elvis T-shirts and the gentleman comes and asks me for some Bruce Springsteen! I thought that was funny and I go saying that on the mike finishing by labeling them: "Weirdos!"...

A young couple that just got married a while ago was given a house as a presented on my mike at Charly's yesterday, and could not help myself and asked: "Now that they are all set, would you care to adopt me?"...

As they were leaving the bar I asked a lady and her daughter where are they going and the answer was "We're tired, we're of to bed". They shouldn't have said that! And immediately after that a lady who was with her husband and daughter she asked me about "Hotel California" and I go: we don't have any hotel by that name here... 

Thank you Tracy, Rachel and Rick for the lovely pics! best regards to your families! See you guys in October hopefully!

Did my morning rounds, have to prepare for church now! Time to give thanks to the Lord for everything that I have and I am! See ya soon! God bless!

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