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vineri, 28 august 2015



Weight: ? kilograms

This challenge was started in February and is part of a bigger plan as I said it so many times before. But every plan needs adjustment from time to time. So I have to change some things and brake a few promises that I have made maybe. Not only to myself but to others and that is so not me! But a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do...

I have learned long time ago that no matter how many times you prove yourself people will hold one tiny thing that you do differently against you. I have learned that that is actually happening because of their lack of trust or because they never truly believe in who you are. 

But most importantly, I have learned that time is on my side and that in time they will realize that one thing done differently to what they are used to does not change who I am really... My long time friends or family would tell anyone that I am in fact an endagered species. I present myself as I am, which does not always work in my favour. That is not in fashion anymore as people usually go more for what they want to hear and see than for the reality. But I couldn't and wouldn't act in any other way.

So I started this blog 30 days ago. Seems like ages. What is the result it is very interesting though. Not less then 10 (ten!!!) kilograms lost! Wow! If I keep it up like that in six months I would be at the normal weight! But the process will be slowing down so I would say that everything will be fine in a bit more time than that...

The other thing is I had to poke 7 (seven!!!) ho
les in my belts and I still only have two holes left. Awesome! Only problem is that now I need to go shpping for trousers, shorts and T-shirts but that will be fun!

Funny thing happened yesterday at the pharmacy. One of the ladies working there kinda' noticed that I am there every morning weighing myself. She would always smile and say "Hola!" but yesterday she changed her routine by asking me: "How is it going?" with a smile on her face. So I had to answer... 

Her jaw totally dropped on the floor when I told her that I have lost thirty-five kilograms since February! When she recovered from the initial shock she asked me if it is diet or walking, and I explained how the things are today for me: combination of diet, walking and gym... But the look on her face when I said how much weight I lost I will remember for a long time! 

Totally behaved food wise yesterday. Went to the gym, and then had a bit of a lazy afternoon. Today is going to be different though... Although it looks like another day off there are loads of things to do for me... So ciao for now!

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