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marți, 25 august 2015


Weight: 154.6 Kilograms

Already used to this. Not to say it is easy... Just used to this. I will say this once again: 70% of the work is being done in the kitchen! Only the rest is at the gym plus walking... Can't believe I have been treating my body in the wrong way for more then twenty years!!!

Not much to say about yesterday. Can't even remember how I spent it apart from the evening at Coconut Joe's last night. Was a good gig. People that are coming to visit the island now are more into the rocky stuff...

I went to the gym in the morning but I did not workout as I should, maybe just by the end of my hour there. The one thing that stands out though is the fact that I did have my three meals for the day, but the lunch and dinner consisted of fruits.

In about 20 minutes I am going to weigh myself and i kinda like expect a nice surprise because of that. Well... We shall see!

I am having a day off today. I will enjoy it and I wish that everybody has an even better one! Ciao!

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