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luni, 24 august 2015


Weight: 155.4 kilograms

Well... I'd say that is a nice reward for good behaviour!  1.1 kilos in two days it is a good result, and the fact that the process is slowing down it is actually a very good sign! Yet another incentive today! Love it!

Just read something very interesting in my Bible study this morning... It applies for what I am doing but also is a reminder that whatever people plan if it is not of God it will fail miserably, and will be revealed, stopped or annihilated even, according to His will absolutely perfect timing!
"For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail".
Acts 5:38
Same routine this morning. Morning walk was done. I thank God that the fiesta is over. Now I can rest better over night... 
Sundays are always the longest and most fruitful days. Had a great time in the morning  in church, then just had lunch before more worship time at The Living Room which was absolutely amazing!
Preparing for the gym now, which means I will have to fix breakfast. Vegetables this morning. I need to find means to extend my menu. And by that I don't mean only the morning protein shakes...
Here's to a brand new day and a brand new week! God bless!

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